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I'm curious as to exactly how the spinner works in CTB mode. Of course, the spinner translates to a banana rain in CTB, but other specific factors remain a mystery. I will detail some points I am curious about below.

1. How is banana count calculated? After some experimenting, I have seen that there will always be one banana at the beginning and end of the spinner. What is the amount in-between that duration based on?

2. How are bananas spaced? The banana placement seems to be random, yet it always keeps the same positions when playing through the map. Is there some sort of seed that decides this?

3. Are single-banana spinners possible? This ties in a bit to the first question depending on how the bananas seem to exist. It appears that it would always have at least two bananas, because it must have a start and an end, but modifying a spinner to have a length of 0 seems to remove bananas from it entirely, despite the spinner still being there. Is there some kind of in-between or other way to make only one banana appear for a spinner?

4. Can banana positions be manipulated? This is the main question for which I am looking for answers. This would probably depend on the answer to question 2. If we know how the bananas are placed, are we able to modify those settings to put the bananas where we want them?

That is all the questions I currently have about spinners in CTB. If you also have some other trivia related to banana rains, please feel free to share them! I would appreciate as much info I can get on this property.
1 each banana give 1100 score
2 on std there's the spinner difficult if you put the cursor near the specifications, I think that this influences it
3 no
4 answered in 2 what I think
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