[STD] [2v2] [200k-70k] Admos & Ronos Auction Cup [REGISTRATIONS CLOSED]

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Welcome to the 1st edition of ARAC!

  1. Ro16
  2. Format: 2v2 (Team Size 4) Auction Cup
  3. Double Elimination
  4. Gamemode: osu!
  5. International
  6. Rank Range: 200k - 70k
  7. Every Player and staff member must be in the Discord server
  8. If you don't get the Discord Player role within 48h contact any admin.
  9. All matches will be scheduled in UTC time zone
  10. Staff may play as long as they don't have the roles: Playtester, Pooler, Replayer.
  11. Admins have the right to ban players from participating if they don’t follow the rules.

  1. The 16 top players that agreed upon being captain will become exactly that.
  2. All other of the 64 qualifying players can be purchased during an auction which will be hosted over the weekend after qualifier results. All players who are ranked between 17-64 will have a base price of 100 ARC and can be bidded on by the Captains.
  3. Every Captain will have 1000 Admos-Ronos Coins (ARC) to purchase their players.
  4. In the first round of the auction, every non-captain player will be bid for in random order. Auction will be held in a VC by Hosts and the captains will be required to type their bids in a corresponding text channel. Captains will vote on a time for the auction to make it as fair as possible. Bids will be locked by the host depending on which bid message is received first to the host’s client, and the sales will be finalised by the host via the VC, after which the player is sold to the locked bidder. The declared amount of ARC will then be subtracted from the Captain’s “wallet” and the player added to their roster.
  5. Once the first round of bids are complete, if the Captains are happy with their team composition then they can leave the auction. In the second round, all the Captains remaining will, in another random order, choose a player out of those not already sold that they would like to purchase, and will state the price they are willing to pay for the player. After this initial bid, other captains may bid for the player in the same way as the previous round.
  6. Bids must increase in increments of 50 ARC.
  7. Once a player is purchased, they will be locked into that team. No trading or reselling of players is allowed in this tournament.

Registrations - 7th June - 8th July
Screening - 8th July - 11th July
Qualifiers - 15th July - 17th July
Auction - 23rd July - 24th July
RO16 - 29th July - 31st July
QF - 5th Aug - 7th Aug
SF - 12th Aug - 14th Aug
F - 19th Aug - 21st Aug
GF - 26th Aug - 28th Aug


All Prizes will be given after the tournament ends

1st - All players 2 month of supporter + Profile Banner
2nd - All players 1 month of supporter + Profile Banner
3rd - Profile Banner

edit: i got picked L
I love being sold to people over the internet
Karen Kujo
So that osu players can have the rights they truly deserve
If you buy me you actually get more money since im trash :D
osu player trafficking never sounded so fun!
I'm hyped af !
Who wanna team up for this tourney but i won't show up on quals?
A British and an American doing some innocent auction of people, nothing sketchy going on, move on police.
Can i invest my ARC in stock
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Box of cuteness wrote:

Can i invest my ARC in stock
Yes you may. 🚀🚀🌑
Chou Tzuyoda
haha i'm boutta get sold :) :) :)
so ehhh, what is the discord server?
humu humu
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