[STD]Sincool's Summer Solos [250k-600k | 1v1]

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Hello everyone and welcome to Sincool's Summer Solos (SSS)!

This tournament is an osu!standard, 1v1, Double Elimination tournament.
This tournament will consist of 128 players.
This tournament is for players between the rank range 250k-600k with 10k buffer.
Matches will be Head to Head, with ScoreV2 as the scoring system used and the NF mod enforced.
Staff is NOT allowed to participate in the tournament - however, if eliminated, players can become Referees/Commentators.
All players must treat staff and other participants with a high level of respect. Any kind of mistreatment in a match or on the discord (this includes extreme toxicity, racism , homophobia) will result in a BAN.
Matches will be played on Saturday/Sunday on a weekly basis. Schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday/Tuesday before the matches should be played in order to allow for reschedules.
Reschedules will be allowed if both players agree on a time and provide PROOF of the agreed reschedule on the #reschedule channel on Discord.
In order for your registration to count, you must fill out the form provided, join the discord and change your nickname on discord to your osu! username.


NF and ScoreV2 mods will be enforced on all maps
All players must play through the Qualifiers maps (10 maps, 4 Nomod, 2 Hidden, 2 HardRock, 2 DoubleTime) once.
The average rank on each map will be counted towards the final qualifier score
The top 128 players will qualify for the next round.


NF and ScoreV2 mods will be enforced during the entirety of the match
Seeding for knockouts will be calculated based on the Qualifiers placement.
Bracket matchups will be assigned as #1 vs #128, #2 vs #127, etc.
Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the match is due to start.
If a player fails to show up by the time their match is due to start, a 10 minute timer will be started.
Any player that fails to show up during the 10 minute timer will forfeit the match and a default win will be awarded to the other player.
Warmups will be allowed for all rounds and must not be longer than 4:00 minutes.
Players will have one ban in RO128/RO64, two bans in RO32/RO16/QF/SF and three bans in F/GF.
Players will NOT be allowed to ban the same mod consecutively (with the exception of NM)
After warmups (if played), players will !roll ONCE. The winner of the roll selects to PICK or BAN first (i.e: selecting to pick first means the opponent will get to ban first and viceversa)
Players will have 120 seconds to ban a map. Failure to ban a map after this time will result in a loss of a ban.
Players will have 120 seconds to pick a map. Failure to pick a map after this time will result in the pick being passed to their opponent.
Players will NOT be allowed to consecutively pick from the same mod pool (with the exception of NM).
In cases of disconnection, if the disconnect happens in the first 30 seconds or 1/4th of the map (whichever is longer) the map will be replayed to obtain a result. This will be allowed only TWICE during the entirety of the tournament per player.
In a Freemod (FM) pick, both players must choose a mod (HD/HR/EZ) or a combination of these mods.
A 2x multiplier will be applied for every EZ score.
If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be played to determine the winner of that match (mods are available during the tiebreaker)
At the end of the match, you are free to leave the lobby.

Registration | Now - July 1st
Screening | July 2nd - July 3rd
Qualifiers | 4.6⋆ | July 9th - July 10th
RO128 | 3.8⋆ | BO9 | July 16th - July 17th
RO64 | 4.0⋆ | BO9 | July 23rd - July 24th
Ro32 | 4.2⋆ | BO9 | July 30th - July 31st
Ro16 | 4.4⋆ | BO9 | Aug 6th - Aug 7th
QF | 4.6⋆ | BO11 | Aug 13th - Aug 14th
SF | 4.8⋆ | BO11 | Aug 20th - Aug 21st
F | 5.0⋆ | BO13 | Aug 27th - Aug 28th
GF | 5.2⋆ | BO13 | Sep 3rd - Sep 4th

All times are in UTC

1st place: 6 months osu!supporter + banner
2nd place: 4 months osu!supporter + banner
3rd place: 1 month osu!supporter + banner

Host: Sincool

Admins: CrazyMan | Rekunan | BeeKnS | Le Mru | Shiggy4427

Referees: Sincool | CrazyMan | BeeKnS | Shiggy4427 | -Toucan- | kowasu | _Fr3sh10_ | Shofty | Thomson02

Mappool Selectors: Sincool | CrazyMan | BeeKnS | Le Mru | Shiggy4427 | Shofty

GFX: Le Mru

Streamers: Sincool | BeeKnS

Commentators: Sincool | BeeKnS | Shiggy4427

Joon Yorigami
nice rank range
Shion Yorigami
wtf is this rank range
Topic Starter
no derankers here :^) and lower rank range for newer players
100k is filled with people playing osu for years :D
multiacc warning
Le Mru
epic staff
I like this staff
good soup and staff too
pretty pog ngl
Teppi Fangirl
rank range overrated let me play
Chou Tzuyoda
poggers rank range
1v1 tourney for 7 digit when?
rank range go brrrr
I like it, ngl

Sincool wrote:

no derankers here :^) and lower rank range for newer players
100k is filled with people playing osu for years :D
yeah but have fun with multi accounts LOL
Levenhuk Lover
i just entered 600k lord help me
Topic Starter

CyrexMyMommy wrote:

yeah but have fun with multi accounts LOL

we'll do screening as well :)

Sincool wrote:

CyrexMyMommy wrote:

yeah but have fun with multi accounts LOL

we'll do screening as well :)
that will catch the obvious ones but the ones that are less obvious might get through and win the whole thing :(
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