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Hello there newcomer, and welcome to the osu! forums. This thread is to help you navigate the osu! forums and teach you a few things.

There are a few things I notice that some people do. Some of these include double or triple posting. If you want to do some things like quoting more than 1 person in your posts, you don't need to double post. When making your reply, scroll down and you see a history of the previous posts, with a quote box. clicking that will add that post to your current reply.
Please also remember that this game is for people of all ages, so please refrain from posting disturbing pictures such as gore or nudity. Also things such as personal attacks aren't welcome at all.
There is also a lot of information in the osu! wiki. I'd suggest checking it out. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page shows the content of what's in the wiki.

Feature Requests
Do you have a interesting idea on how to improve gameplay in osu!? Maybe you have an idea for a way to make the forum side of osu! more enjoyable. click here to visit the Feature Requests section and share your idea with everyone. Though do remember that someone may of already suggested the idea, so it's recommended to search before posting, or you can ask me either via PM or in game.

Technical Support
You can report any bugs by clicking here. There are a lot of people willing to help, so don't hesitate to ask any and all questions. Please also be aware that we might not have the answers, so please do be patient with us if we don't have a solution.

Language Specific
There is an entire section of the forums for speaking in non-English languages, like Russian, Spanish or maybe a different language entirely. Check here to see if there is a language area for you to enjoy. Sadly though, there isn't an area for every language, but there are still threads in the Other Languages section where you can speak these less common languages.

If you'd like to see more content in this thread, feel free to drop me a message and I'll try arrange something.
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