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Should Minibosses - Castlevania be Loved?

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Minibosses - Castlevania by m980, Alace, Beuchi, Derekku and Larto
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Captain's description (by Bubbleman):
OWC#1 was plagued with myriad problems - not least of which was a lack of challenging maps for the best players of the day. Typically, tournaments let players select which map to play from a pool, however the grand finals of OWC#1 had only 9 maps that would be played in sequence, back to back. Only 8 of them were submitted; this was the 9th.

A team of some of the best mappers the game had to offer came together to create the very first custom map for a tournament. Meant to be a sightread test to the players, it was only released after the match's conclusion and only for a brief period of time; soon deleted, lost to history for years, until m980 found a backup from before his original upload.

It is far past time for this map to be granted a leaderboard. 11 years, almost to the day, after its original upload, this collab is more than deserving of a special-case entry into the Loved section, not least because of the incredible historical significance it holds. For reference, the next fully custom map used in OWC would not appear way until 2019.

The subject itself has braved the test of time outstandingly - many lovable and memorable themes from Castlevania are the plaything of the mappers, who worked to produce a masterpiece of a map that still holds up both visually and gameplay-wise. The challenge to many will come from its low approach rate, typical of the period, the map itself being comfortably accessible to many today thanks to the vast advancement in player skill since it was originally played.

Take a trip through history; give this map a play or two in honour of the legendary players and mappers of the past (and also simply because the map is a massive amount of fun)!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
- Marco -
This one is a very special case. This map was a significant part of the first ever OWC, but essentially became lost media once the tournament was over. It's pretty fortunate it was recovered much later on.

It's pretty funny that it took so long before the concept of custom mapping for tournament play made a return, and it has since become so important that almost every tournament does it. That sightread gimmick never really caught on though.

This one might be bending the requirements of Loved a little bit, but the historical clout of this map is huge. Let us know what you think, though
If you vote no I will destroy you
first OWC final, yes.
Emiya Nikita
Nostalgic and epic.
I'm going to cry if this gets denied
Sgt Pepper
i hate the OWC with a burning goddamn passion but for the sake of preservation, yes
this deserves it
This map represents, to me, the disconnect the current loved section has with the broader osu! community. I think maps of such significance, whether it be for innovation, ingenuity, or simple community reception should very definitely be left standing in some kind of memorialisation. I do, however, have to question whether or not it fits in the loved category.
Simply put, I wouldn't be surprised if this did not pass the loved section voting on its first round through; though I suspect it won't meet too much resistance due to the extremely playable nature of the map compared to other maps that have been rejected. Most of the people voting on this map will have no direct knowledge of its significance, myself included - this really just plays like an extremely well timed 2010 map. Novel, yes, but not something I would keep or play more than once.

I suspect this would be the case with the majority of players that vote on this map - if you were to count the number of people that were playing since OWC 1 and are still currently playing, I doubt you would fill even the fingers on your hand with the count.

I would also hate to see these maps lost forever, or stranded in graveyard status, however. It begs the question of whether or not another category could be opened, as there are countless maps out there as well as countless that will be mapped that will break the boundaries of their times. Communities, however, shift and grow as people come and go. Every generation will hold something different dear to them. Loved is a perfect way to represent the current community's opinion of significance on maps, and perhaps another category can be opened by longtime players and veteran mappers that can shine a light onto maps that tried something new - something like a museum, or a curated selection.

That's just the two cents from a 4fun player though.
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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