[STD] Dripped Out Cup [2v2, 80k-250k] (CLOSED)

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Von Bong

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Welcome to Dripped Out Cup

The goal of this tournament is to pool some absolute bangers and have a good time. After playing in many tourneys i thought to myself "why not host one", and here it is. Dont be suprised if some of the maps are slightly out of the ordinary compared to other tourney pools, because as we all know the song itself is what matters fr.


This is a 2v2 team size 4 double-elimination tournament for ranks 80K-250K (no rank buffer).
You must be in the discord to be eligible to play
Bracket size will go no larger than ro32
There will be no bws (its 80k, if any of you have badges ima slap you)
All staff members besides pooler, playtester, sheeter, and me obviously WILL be allowed to play

Match procedure


  • ScoreV2 and NoFail will be applied on all matches
    Warm-ups will be played if each team wants to do so. Warmups will be no longer than 4 minutes
    If a team is 10 minutes late they lose their bans, at 15 minutes it counts as a forfeit
    Captains of each team will get a ping 15 minutes before their match, also when invites are sent
    Disconnects within the first 30 seconds can be replayed.
    FM has to be with one of the following mods: EZ/HR/HD/FL
    One player must go HD/EZ/FL and the other must go HR/FL (hdhr will count as hr, so no no hdhr and hr, or hdhr and nomod)
    EZ multiplier 2.0x
    After the warm-ups, both captains have to !roll, the winner chooses between pick order and ban order, and the opposing team will chose the other order.
    Double-bans and double-picks are NOT allowed.
    ABAB ban order

Mappool format

Qualifiers: 4 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT NO BANS 5.1*
Ro32: 5 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 2 FM, 1 TB 1 BAN Bo9 4.7*
Ro16: 5 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 3 DT, 2 FM, 1 TB 1 BAN Bo9 4.9*
Quarter Finals: 5 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 3 DT, 2 FM, 1 TB 2 BANS Bo11 5.1*
Semi Finals: 5 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 3 DT, 3 FM, 1 TB 2 BANS Bo11 5.4*
Finals: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 4 DT, 3 FM, 1 TB 2 BANS Bo13 5.7*
Grand Finals: 6 NM, 3 HD, 3 HR, 4 DT, 3 FM, 1 TB 2 BANS Bo13 6.0*

Team Registration open: 4/16/2022
Team Registration closed: 5/15/2022
Quals mappool showcase: 5/16/2022
Qualifiers: 5/21/2022 - 5/23/2022
round of 64: 5/28/2022 - 5/30/2022
Round of 32: 6/3/2022 - 6/6/2022
Round of 16: 6/10/2022 - 6/13/2022
Quarter Finals: 6/17/2022 - 6/20/2022
Semi Finals: 6/24/2022 - 6/27/2022
Finals: 7/1/2022 - 7/4/2022
Grand Finals: 7/8/2022 - 7/11/2022

First place

3 months of supporter each + an amazing banner made by me

2nd place

1 month of supporter each + an amazing banner made by me

3rd place

An amazing banner made by me for each teammate
(these prizes are subject to change if someone helps with the prize pool)


Host: -Buddha-
Sheeter: rekunan
Poolers: mommy_mofuries, thatavocado_boi, codenuggies, gbslicer, alseim, lash, serlum, yuzukiroa
Refs: hermit, indecipherable, my angel chino, affirmedcheese, -manten-, alternyatic, bitterheat, galeath, gbslicer, whl, thatavocado_boi, japorea
commentators: galeath, serlum, yuzukiroa, affirmedcheese, that avocado_boi, whl,
Playtesters: whl, my angel chino, hermit, yuzukiroa, mommy_mofuries, devermymommy
waitin for the player regs
i'm actually on here :guy spitting out coffee emoji:
that's cereal not coffee
My Angel Chino
Real,no way
buddha tourney :wtf:
Chou Tzuyoda
wtf buddha!
best acc player
Super amazing banner???? :flushed:
ayo is that ME :wtf:
- Nanako -
Disc invite is invalid :moyai:

-Pekora- wrote:

Disc invite is invalid :moyai:

Should be good for now.
spit out cereal emoji
No recognitions to streamers, sadge
lmk how to reg for staff!
LFT Discord:daniel.#9334
Strength: fingercontrol,bursts,aim,dt,hr
Lets goooo
Pls Put Stream Maps, especially the one that stamina drains a lot :D
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