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As mentioned in the chat #osu channel, Estivarus asked....

Well, why not make it so that we CAN sync the Background Dim to all maps?
I, along with Kamidachi and Estivarus, think that having an option to make the background dim feature universal is a great idea. The "Universal" part of the feature could be toggled through the Options menu under Graphics. It could look something like this.

The idea is that by pressing the toggle ON, it makes the slider inside the Visual Settings menu in-game affect ALL beatmaps rather than having each map have it's own Background Dim setting. This idea makes it so that, for the people who appreciate beatmap backgrounds, storyboards, and videos, things will be able stay the way they are. But, for people who like a little less bright colors when playing, we can set a universal dim setting to personal preference without having to always change the dim for each and every map we play.

What do you guys think?

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JhowM wrote:

Yeah, as long as this "Universal Dim" can be set to a minimum of 0% and not 30%
^-^ Yes yes I approve of this feature. Actually if it's not too much trouble I think a slider bar would be even better (and cooler) for Universal BG Dim. I'm not sure how this feature would affect non supporters since before you had to be a supporter to fully dim backgrounds before beating the map once. If it's still the case I guess it could just be locked at 60% for all maps that haven't been beaten yet. If that's been changed and non supporters can fully dim before beating maps then it's no problem.
Agreed, agreed. I think this is a good idea. Way too many times I rather just have every map dimmed because I actually don't care about them at the time as I go on a playing streak.

If anything, a tick in addition to the slider to disable/enable universal dim. Then possibly when it's unticked, each map goes back to it's previous dim setting.
Yeah, as long as this "Universal Dim" can be set to a minimum of 0% and not 30%
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JhowM wrote:

Yeah, as long as this "Universal Dim" can be set to a minimum of 0% and not 30%
Yes, I agree with this. Added to the OP.
you guys are going to hate me when i say this is already requested
Slightly disappointed that it wasn't found in searches OP conducted, yes. Hate you, no. It's pretty great that others have the same idea and it has a pretty solid backing. Hope it goes through soon.
Added in next public.
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