Struggling to get a ranked beatmap - Looking for guidance

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Hi everyone,

I missed the winter mentor cycle sadly but am still in need of a mentor.

Basically, I've been trying to rank a map since 2016 but still cannot manage to pique any BN interest in my beatmaps.

I originally wanted to blame it on "BN's don't wanna rank because of my music taste" but it has become clear that the problem is with my mapping, not my music choice.

I would like to say that I can make an "okay" map.

I am looking for somebody who would be able to help me take my mapping from "okay" to "good".

Here are some samples of maps I've tried to rank but have gotten all "no" from BN's (I've asked 20+ and have kept a google document of everyone I asked... LOL):



And here is a map I made recently but didn't ask any bns yet:


I've deleted many, many more maps that I've tried to push forward, and have gotten close with some (BN's saying they would if I found another BN) but never was able to rank one.

If you are interested please let me know. You do not have to be super famous, but preferably have a good amount of skill with mapping and ranked maps.

(I hope this doesn't come off as me trying to be petty, I genuinely think my mapping needs improvement, but don't know how...)
If you ever need a mentor you can join the AVALON discord server
Looking at a few of your sets, it's prob good idea to search for someone to help you edge some stuff out. You generally know what you are doing, issue is most of the maps lack a clear vision for what you are going for, be that contrast/HS/density ect. . Actually reminds me a lot of myself when I just mapped and hoped it turns out well, you can prob benefit a lot from trying to structure your maps before actually starting to map (or at least that's what helped me a lot).

If you still need someone to mentor you a bit, feel free to drop me a pm ^^
Go Ashton!

Ashton wrote:

Hi everyone
holy your name is the same as my real name

Sountren wrote:

If you ever need a mentor you can join the AVALON discord server
do note that the server used to got a lot of beef 'cause some of the people there said some... bad stuff, including it's owner - nihil, so you may want to reconsider joining the server
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