How do you make a 4 star beatmap?

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I've tried making a 4 star beatmap to have it as insane but it turned out to not work. Are there any tips on what type of patterns I should be putting in?

beatmapsets/1678924#osu/3430051 here's the map if you're interested
A good way to increase a maps difficulty is by increasing spacing, If you press Ctrl+A you can see that most of your objects are placed very close to the center. Try to expand more, use edges / corners and increase spacing.

In terms of patterns to use, I usually look to these patterns when I'm blank of ideas:
Standard Patterns (easy to map, works on many songs/parts, basic stuff)

Advanced-ish Patterns (might be a bit more difficult to properly map, dont fit every song/part/intensity, could be used in a wrong way)

Kickslider Patterns (idk, in case you like to map (mostly really advanced!) Kicksliders. Red Circles = Suggested next object position)

(Also, you can apply following to most of the examples: The higher the pitch/The stronger the song/The more intense the song gets, the more spacing it has to the other Sliders. If a pattern goes low -> high -> low (spacing), then you could imagine a low pitch sound, a high pitch sound and then a low pitch sound again. You can also change most of the straight Sliders into curved Sliders, if that fits your style/map more)
you can also look for 4* maps for similar songs and learn by example
Well, for me the first problem that you have is with the combo color it went for too long, second is the spacing is too near, third is weird sliders, and the last is prob something with the rythm.
(I can be wrong with it)

And what i can recommend you is try to map with CS 4 since most map use CS 4.
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