How to easily check if multiple (50+) SVs are snapped?

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Ryu Sei
I mapped a song with an, well, unfortunate bad audio source from YouTube rip. By the time passes, I found an audio file with the better quality. Here's the annoying issue I experience during mapping:
  1. The audio source I was using was exactly played back at 0.999x rate, perhaps due to erroneous rendering together with the video I ripped upon. The result is the audio has non-integer BPM which leads me to a headache of setting the BPM. Video was incorrectly rendered to 59.94 fps, compared to the intended 60 fps value.
    1. I had no idea why. I thought it was from my bad download, but this is not the case. I tried ripping with multiple tools and websites, and still gives me same result.
    2. I was able to map properly with intended timing (even with multiple BPM), but this particular map gives me double headache.
  2. By that time I was going to accept the fact that the audio I ripped upon was, indeed, different. I mapped all with all of my passion and put the SVs on it. Mind you, I manually slam Ctrl+Shift+P everytime I want to put a SV modifier.
  3. However, quick research from gameplay videos and I found out that their gameplay video was indeed having a correct BPM compared to what I map.
  4. After few days, someone managed to help me finding the better audio quality. I throw it to the BPM analyzer and it gives me the correct, integer BPM, as I wished. I also sped up the video's frame rate to 60 FPS (not resampling it), just in case.
  5. Now I have a ton of SVs waiting to be fixed...
I wonder if there is an easy way to determine if my SVs are snapped correctly. If it's just tenth of SVs, I can do it quickly. But this map has 284 SV points, so it's a nightmare for me.

To put more salt into wound, the initial BPM I was mapping is 159.84, and the intended BPM is 160.
You can go to timing control and select all the inherited points by pressing "Ctrl" + "A" after click one of them in the inherited points tab. Then, you can move the offset based on how many you've moved your timing points. If you couldn't tell your timing points anymore, you can select your first inherited points - or that is easily snapped, and moved until it is completely snapped. Then the rest of it just follow the first two steps that I said here.

@lewski: Man... My brain.😔
I just scrolled through the map and the only line that was visibly unsnapped was only off by 2ms so I don't think you need to worry about it

side note: I've had the exact same thing happen with a different 160bpm song, weird

@JustABeginner: that doesn't work for bpm changes, only offset changes
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Ryu Sei
To be fair, it only work if the BPM is on magic numbers, notably, factor of 3600.

lewski wrote:

I just scrolled through the map and the only line that was visibly unsnapped was only off by 2ms so I don't think you need to worry about it
This is, indeed, a nitpick for me as mania mapper. Even for a slightest ms of unsnapped SV change, it will affect gameplay experience.
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