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While working on a pp counter for my other project Rewind, I made a browser extension as a byproduct and just for fun.

This extension allows you to open up an interactive pp calculator for the beatmap that you have opened in your web browser.

It is up to date with the latest pp changes (2021-11-14) and in case there are any new reworks I should be able to update the pp calculator within a few days.


pp calculator shows the most requested pp values in the first section and a custom pp calculator in the second section.

You can also hover over the star rating and pp values to get a breakdown of their values:

It also does some caching, so if you open up the extension for the same map a second time, it should be faster.

Hope you enjoy :)

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Download for Chrome, Edge, Brave, ...
Download for Firefox

  1. Install the extension from the web store
  2. (Recommended) Pin the extension
  3. Go to a beatmap page and select your desired difficulty
  4. Now press the "pp calculator" extension icon and a popup will appear
  1. You can toggle the hidden mod in the first section to quickly compare the values with hidden vs no hidden.
  2. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly increase the 100s, 50s, miss count and combo.

Q: Firefox support?
A: Will happen later, since I've written this extension with Manifest V3 and this is not supported in Firefox yet.

Q: Support for other game modes (mania, taiko, CTB)?
A: Maybe later since my main focus is on osu!std right now.

Q: Is the breakdown of the SR/PP correct since they don't sum up to the total SR/PP?
A: Yes, because the total SR/PP calculation does not simply sum up the individual components. More explained in this document.

Q: Source code?
A: When it's a bit less messy, I will publish it to GitHub :)

Q: How to report a bug or request something?
A: Join the Discord server

Special thanks to my friend Takane for early testing/feedback, creating the logo and more!
Jian on osu
tried using it on CHrome but it always says extension currently does not support this page/gamemode
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Jian on osu wrote:

tried using it on CHrome but it always says extension currently does not support this page/gamemode
This happens if you just installed the extension -> just refresh. Also make sure that you are on an osu!std beatmap (no converts) and that you are not using the old website (
i tried it on firefox, it worked really well!
it asks me for an API key what is that?
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