Is there any way we can select our own combo colour?

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(I'm kinda new to osu! so i do not know a lot)

Hey there,so um-im having kinda troubles with combo colours in editor.

I have seen some of the people can select any combo colours they want in their beatmap,but when i try,osu! just gives me colors in order.
(Like-i selected purple,pink,blue,yellow,black and white,osu! just gives me those combo colours in order,i cant select any color i want.)

Is there any way?or osu! just removed it-?
when you select a new combo, this arrow thing will pop up on the new combo button:

click it, and a selection of colors will show up:

just pick a color from there
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Hello,thank you for answering!

When i try selecting a new combo,nothing pops up,is there any problem with my osu?

(sadly i cant give photos,but please trust me!nothing comes up.)
make sure you have the object with a new combo on it selected first to see the option to pick combo color.
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That's doesn't work either(or just i didnt manage to do it-)

I'm starting to think there's a problem with my computer-

make sure to have the option "ignore beatmap skins" disabled while mapping
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It's always disabled for me.
I can't believe no one has mentioned the actual prior color setup in the song setup menu yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you need to do that before stuff works

song setup -> colours

There you add what colors you want to use. Remember to check that the "enable custom colors" here is enabled as well
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