Could someone make Megaton Karma into a beatmap?

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Kyriji this is the song, I feel like this song is supposed to be a beatmap, I wouldn't be to bothered if i could beat it at my current stage but I can always work my way up to it. but also I think maybe our community would enjoy playing aswell as listening to the song.

Thank you
Sophie Twilight
Sounds interesting.
I will see if I still have my interest in the song at around April. If I feel like by that time, I'll try to make time for a beatmap of the song.

Note that it won't be for ranked and there'll be some offscreen sliders, but that's only my mapping style.
This is not for community, but for me.

Before I forget, mind that requesting for beatmaps is prohibited because it takes lots of time to make one.
I advise you to refrain from further asking next time, if you don't want to get a warning.
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