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Firstly let's state some obvious stuff:

Currently to apply for the position of BN you have to achieve a certain modding "activity" threshold, which is equal to about 4 mods per month over the course of 3 months (with some additional math behind it which allows for a tiny bit of flexibility).

"A mod" is counted whenever you get rewarded with at least 1 kudosu on your post on a mapset.

From what I know (correct me if I'm wrong) this is supposed to make sure that before the application is sent you've proven enough dedication over a period of time so that you do not completely die out of nowhere if you were to get into the position of a BN.

The issue:
Due to how the current mod activity count works the 3 month requirement is just more of a hassle than a determinant of one's consistency with modding.

With only 1 kudosu needed per mapset to get a modding point per month, it is super easy to cheese your way around the system by downloading random maps from some modding queues and then just scanning them with Mapset Verifier to post very obvious stuff like missing tags, no combo colours, etc, etc. Basically, you can get a month's worth of activity in like 5 minutes, then just do it 2 more times and the requirement is fulfilled.

The proposal:
I think that with the activity requirement being pretty much a needless obstacle, it would not really hurt anyone to remove it completely. There are already rules in place to stop people from brainlessly applying without having too much idea about how modding works/spamming BN apps from multis (200/150 kds requirement).

Additionally, while applying for BN you have to provide from 2 to 4 high-quality mods that show the applicant's ability to mod different aspects of a map. I think it's safe to say that the application mods are usually much more polished than the "standard" ones, and getting these mods done is probably more of a "commitment test" than spending 15 minutes over the course of 3 months.

If removing the threshold completely would be too much then something like getting rid of it once someone has applied once could work as well I think.
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@jounzan not quite i only asked to check the post =]
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olsonn wrote:

@jounzan not quite i only asked to check the post =]
ok sorry lemme rephrase
It is a basic metric for NATs to check whether an applicant is active recently or not.

Removing the requirement is basically telling NATs to manually check each and every applicant of their activity, which heavily increases their already piling workload, not to mention the amount of people who is willing to "take a chance" and apply for BN without any barriers, which one-up the workload yet again.

If you are trying to apply for BN but is unwilling to pay even the minimal amount of effort to meet the activity requirement, they really shouldn't be a BN in the first place because being a BN requires some degrees of dedication.
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OP sounds reasonable in my opinion, though I would still keep activity checks for BNs that are returning after being removed for activity - got to show somehow they improved on what they got removed for. Though in those cases it's not checked via mod score anyways (as detailed on wiki/en/People/The_Team/Beatmap_Nominators/Becoming_a_Beatmap_Nominator#rejoining-after-being-removed-from-the-beatmap-nominators )

Especially since application mods need to be in the past 6 months anyways, it's hard to achieve 3 very good mods if you're not active in general, and that's the main thing we'd look at. Similar to what olsonn is saying.

I think it's worth testing out. The mod score system as it is can be finnicky and make applying on one day versus another hard to predict your score and work with.

If it only increases workload of how many apps there are to process without leading to more people coming into BN though, it may have to be re-evaluated if such a change is worthwhile.

Would want to know what other NAT think to change anything, but that's my 2c.
I think that as long as you can prove that you can provide a quality mod consistently (that doesn't necessarily mean big quantity of mods, nor mapsets modded).
Many people can be very fitting for the role, but they are just busy people who probably have time only on weekends, and that alone makes them not considered for the position, because they would have to make stupid amounts of work just to apply. If they just could keep doing like 1/2 quality mods weekly, and then if they get accepted, keep taking care of 1/2 maps weekly, I think that would be nice.
I think it kinda serves as a threshold to stop people from just applying willy-nilly, especially when they're not prepared

It's kind of a good motivator for newer modders to actually get out there and mod some but I do think 3 months is kind of dumb

Probably just doing 2 months is fine? You'd be able to prove that you're atleast making an effort on activity + would still provide motivation to new modders + would discourage people who aren't ready or are trolling around from applying
agree, noffy pretty much summed up why the threshold is unnecessary - it's basically just a check on a check on a check

@wafer people already can't "apply willy-nilly" because of the 6mo rule (mods sent must be made in past 6mo) and the 200 kudosu minimum. worst case scenario we'll get 1 or 2 ppl applying with bad 6mo old mods and those are not difficult to deal with
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