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Take or leave the offer by the previous poster

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I probably wouldn't go because I would likely need to travel to attend and that would cost a great deal of time and money. If it was nearby I absolutely would though.

bruh look what we got ourselves into

Well, I guess it's reasonable to be xenophobic and afraid of strangers in a situation like this. But I trust no one here's gonna do anything bad.

Silver chloride (it was pretty important in early photography!)
No thanks, I have no use for it.

An instrument of your choice, but you have to play it everyday without fail or you will go deaf.
hmm no,i can't play any instrument after all

someone who always love you no matter what you do
sure, hope they aren't too clingy

a pocket dimension where you can do anything you want, real world time stops while you're inside but you'll still age
That's would actually be extremely usefull. Just using this as extra time in case you are late is already extremely beneficial, you can also use it to practice anything without bothering anyone and without the need of a studio or anything like that.

The only downside of this is that if you aren't careful you will probably end up depending on it rather than use it when it truly is neccesary, if you have a somewhat infinite amount of time at your disposal, you are likely going to be lax on your homework and will often end up having to use it when it could have been avoided. And there is no immediate penalty for doing that because you won't realize you are aging, you are just going to end up at the end of your life and realise one day that you are way older than everyone else.

I am not sure I have the self control to use something like this so I think I would leave it despite how usefull it is.

hell yeah i'll take it

of course
a dimension where you cant do anything but sleep
you will not age at all
and when you're there,a clone of you takes place of you and does your daily routine
when you come back,everything resets but your age
tooooooo confusing i guess but still
No. I am not sure I get what you mean because your description is a bit shaky but from what I can understand I don't see the interest.

Free money that you know has been gathered from various crime commited by strangers you know nothing about.
If it's by crime, then you'll have guilt taking it, just like how you'll have guilt picking up a $100 bill that someone randomly dropped on the ground. No thanks

Anker power bank
I am not familiar with them (I just learned what a power bank is). I am not using any wireless appliance right now but I am planning to buy a laptop for university so it could definetely come handy.

A metronome.

- - -

a metronome, with an analog clock screen and timer function that briefly flashes a secondary color for every beat in the current tempo. the tempo range is 1 BPM to 300 BPM.
I mean I have no real use for it but my church might use it for band practice

Seems simple.
Eh, why not.

"Noclip" abilities, but you get a loading screen for 5secs everytime you're going through anything.
And any possible witness can see you while loading.
Tad Fibonacci
5s loading is nothing and the ability seems OP. Imagine scaling mountains with it.
I'll take it.

Same offer.
Idk, I don't see much use for it but I guess there is no downside.

Good grade on an exam without you putting in any effort.

ability to fast forward time
Eh, no. Seems like there's a catch.

All those unborn childern peppy asked for back in 2015.

Your waifu becomes real, but hates you.
Pass. I actually wanted to write a paper for myself on topic of waifus and weebs and what would happen to the world if waifus become real. So I refuse, either way. Even if there was no "hate you" condition.

Powers of all Isekai MC's just for you alone! Every powerup they had or will have in their respective story. (Practically becoming literal God, in essence.) but you have to ABSULUTELY MAKE SURE you are as low key as possible.
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