osu!mania 7k Chinese National Cup 2022 (Regs closed)

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osu!mania 7k Chinese National Cup 2022

Discord|| Registration form||Main Sheet||Rules

This tournament is hosted by Team Crz!


1. The osu!mania 7k Chinese National Cup 2022(MCNC7k 2022) was a osu!mania head-to-head individual tournament for Chinese players hosted by clan Crz. It was the fourth instalment of the osu!mania Chinese National Cup and the first instalment of the osu!mania 7k Chinese National Cup.

2. This tourney will be using 7-key score v2, and will have two stages: a qualifiers stage followed by a double elimination bracket stage.

3. There is no limit on the number of the players that will enter. Any and all whom we deem as a "cheater" or "suspicious", screened by both the tourney and the official osu! staff, will not be allowed entry into the tournament. Note that failure to read the entire forum post during sign-up may cause the player to not be eligible until the issue is resolved, so please read the entire post first!

4. This tournament is for Chinese players only, including players from Mainland Chinese territories, Taiwan territories, Hong Kong territories, Macau territories. Please note that this tournament has nothing to do with politics and views about the territories of China. Only players with the flags of the territories listed above is eligible for playing.

5. The discord server will be the source of pretty much all the information for this tournament, so if you're joining, either as player, staff, or even as a spectator, you'll want to join for all of the latest updates. Players are required to join the official discord to be eligible of playing in the tournament. For those who cannot access discord, we have a QQ server containing the methods which could help you better access discord. QQ server number: 597317576

6. For all of the details of the rules of the tourney, refer to the Information document here or in the discord channel. The discord channel and that document will have all the information you need, and the discord channel will be where future announcements will be made! So, make sure you join the channel if you are participating.

Rough Schedule

  1. Registration Open | 2021-12-6
  2. Registration Close | 2021-12-26
  3. Qualifier Mappool Showcase | 2022-1-16
  4. Qualifier Stage | 2022-1-21~2022-1-23
  5. RO32 (if exist) | 1 week
  6. RO16 | 2022-1-28~2022-1-30
  7. Quarterfinals + Loser's Round 1 | 2022-2-4~2022-2-6
  8. Semifinals + Loser's Round 2 & 3 | 2022-2-11~2022-2-13
  9. Finals + Loser's Round 4 & 5 | 2022-2-18~2022-2-20
  10. Loser's Finals + Grand Finals | 2022-2-25~2022-2-27


  1. Organisers | [Crz]xz1z1z (Host)
  2. Referees | [Crz]xz1z1z [Crz]Satori [Illstrious] [Crz]Makii [Crz]MemoryI crazybrother [RT]Alleyne Sonoaoi 110 Muziyami
  3. Mappoolers | [Crz]Satori, Madoka2574, _Stan, tyrcs, Sillyfangirl
  4. Commentators & Streamers | [Crz]xz1z1z [Crz]Satori [Illustrious] Sonoaoi 110 crazybrother Muziyami Edward_Tsui [Crz]MemoryI [Crz]Caicium
  5. Grphics Design | Dr_Tissues


  1. Champion | Profile badge + Cash prize (CNY 400) + 4 months of osu! supporter
  2. 2nd place | Cash prize (CNY 200) + 2 months of osu! supporter
  3. 3rd place | Cash prize (CNY 100) + 1 month of osu! supporter


1. The MCNC7k is a head-to-head individual tournament, played on the osu!mania game mode.

2. Beatmap scoring will be based on Head-To-Head, Score V2.

3. The beatmaps for each round will be announced by the Mappool Selector Team before the actual matches take place.
(1) Each mappool, except for the Qualifier stage, will contain a tiebreaker beatmap. It will only be played in case of a tie in the scoreline in the best of system, e.g., the scoreline is 4-4 and the match is best of 9, the tiebreaker shall be played.

4. Match schedule will be handled by the Tournament Management.

5. If no referees are available at match time, the match will be postponed.

6. Failed players scores will be considered a loss, even its higher than the opponent.
(1) Reviving and surviving during a beatmap is considered as passing it.

7. Use of the Visual Settings to alter background dim or disable beatmap elements like storyboards and skins are allowed.
(1) Custom skin elements must not be used to alter core gameplay mechanics.

8. Players may ask for a rematch if a team member encounters technical difficulties while playing.
(1) "Lag spikes" are not considered a valid reason to nullify a beatmap.
(2) If a rematch happens, the player’s mod during that particular beatmap must remain the same.
(3) This rule is not to be abused. Referees may veto a rematch request if they find that this is the case.

9. Beatmaps must not be reused in the same match, except for rematches.

10. If player is not present at match time, it can be postponed for up to 10 minutes. If, after this period, there is still not appear, a win by default will be declared for the player present.

11. All players and staff must be treated with respect. Instructions of the referees and the Tournament Management are to be followed. Decisions labeled as final are not to be objected.

12. Disrupting the match by foul play, insulting and provoking other players or staff, delaying the match or other deliberate inappropriate misbehaviour are strictly prohibited.

13. Breaking the chat rules results in a silence. Silenced players cannot participate at multiplayer matches.

14. Unexpected incidences will be handled by the Tournament Management. Referees may allow higher tolerance depending on the given circumstances. This is up to their discretion.

15. 15. Penalties for violating the tournament rules include, but are not limited to:
(1) Directly judge the score of one beatmap.
(2) Declaring the match as forfeited, or as a win by default for the other player.
(3) Disqualification from the entire tournament.
(4) Disqualification from the current and future official tournaments, until appealed.

16. The Tournament Management reserves the right to modify these rules at any moment. Any such changes will be announced in advance.

17. The Tournament Management reserves the right to refuse any and all suspicious accounts/players entry into the tournament.

18. Players must abide to the osu! terms of service.


1. There is no rank range for this tournament, players from all skill levels are free to participate.

2. This tournament is for Chinese players only, including players from Mainland Chinese territories, Taiwan territories, Hong Kong territories, Macau territories. Please note that this tournament has nothing to do with politics and views about the territories of China. Only players with the flags of the territories listed above is eligible for playing.

3. To be eligible for playing, one must:
(1) Have not been banned/majorly restricted in the MCNC.
(2) Pass a background check by osu!staff and the tournament staff.
(3) Include the answer "我不是管人痴" in the question "Do you have anything else to say?".

4. To ensure that the game is played normally, every registered user will be manually checked by the Tournament Management and will give the list to the official osu! Staff to check.

5. All successfully formed players will be published after the Registration Phase.

6. Organisers, mappoolers and referees must not participate as a player in the tournament.


1. There will be no warmups during the qualifier stage.

2. In the Qualifier stage, all players will play a specific pool designed by the map selectors.

3. The Qualifier pool contains 5 maps, all of which will use FreeMod rules.

4. Players will have to play the mappool twice at a designated time. Their best combined score will be used for seeding.

5. The mappool will be played in the order listed above.

6. There will be an optional 5-minute break in between the first and second play-through of the mappool.

7. All players will play their qualifiers in separate rooms. We suggest players not to broadcast or share their results to avoid seed manipulation.

8. The top 16 seeded players will advance to the Round of 16 (If have enough players there will be Round of 32).


1. Following the Qualifier stage, a Double Elimination stage will be played. This means that the winner continues in the winners' bracket, and the losing player gets moved to the losers' bracket.

2. Players in the losers’ bracket must play 2 matches each weekend starting from the Quarterfinals.

3. Players that lose a match in the losers' bracket get eliminated from the tournament.


1. A referee will create a multiplayer room 15 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
(1) Room settings are osu!mania, Head-to-Head., Win Condition: 'ScoreV2'. Room name must be "MCNC7K2021: (Red) vs (Blue)".
(2) The player mentioned first in the room name must be the red, the player mentioned second in the room name must be the blue.

2. Each player can ban one beatmap to be selected from the pool. These beatmaps can not be picked by any player in the entire match.

3. Beatmap selection will alternate between each player selecting a beatmap in the mappool.

4. Each player must use !roll once in #multiplayer.
(1) The winner of the !roll starts picking the first beatmap of the match.
(2 ) The loser of the !roll starts banning one beatmap, followed by the winner of the !roll to ban a beatmap.

5. Players will have 2 minutes to pick a beatmap and 2 minutes to get ready. If a player takes more time than alloted, for the second occurrence: a random map will be chosen from the mappool using !roll X, where X is the number of maps that were neither picked nor banned, excluding the Tiebreaker. Repeat offenders may receive further sanctions from the Tournament Management.

6. Players will be given at most 3-minute pause for solving unexpected situations.

7. Results of the Qualifiers Stage will be published via a Statistics sheet.


1. There will be one mappool for each stage, except for the Finals and Grand Finals, which will share the same mappool.

2. Each mappool consists of a fixed amount of maps each stage which will all be played under FreeMod conditions. This means that there is a unique FreeMod bracket.

3. The mappool sizes are as follows:
(1) Qualifiers: 5 beatmaps
(2) Round of 16(RO32): 10 beatmaps
(3) Quarterfinals: 12 beatmaps
(4) Semifinals : 14 beatmaps
(5) Finals: 16 beatmaps

4. Each mappool has one tiebreaker, except for the Qualifiers.

5. Possible mod choices for all maps are Hidden, FadeIn, Flashlight, and Mirror.

6. The tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod conditions.


1. Each stage will be held on a single weekend(include Friday). It could be held on weekdays if each players required, but not recommend.

2. The schedule is decided by the players discussing with each other. All match times must be communicated to the Tournament Management two days prior to the actual match. If not informed, Tournament Management will decide the game time at his own discretion. The daily schedule will be released the day before.

3. If player need to make a temporary change after decide the game time. Rescheduling can only be considered with the consent of both players, and the scheduled time must be at least 1 day after informing the event party.
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