nik's winter cup 2022 (signups closed)

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  1. This is an osu!standard, scorev2, 1v1 tournament
  2. The rank range is #1 to #5,000
  3. Staff members with the exception of streamers and commentators are not allowed to participate in the tournament
  4. Joining the discord is required
  5. The top 64 players from qualifiers will be placed into a double-elimination bracket
  6. Players who are not in the rank range are allowed to register; however, if they are not strictly within the rank range by the time registration ends, their registration will be removed
  7. Match schedules and mappools will be released on the Monday before those matches should be played
  8. Players will have their country’s main timezone as their default availability. If any specifics are to be noted regarding scheduling, players may contact the hosts
  9. Match schedules will be written in UTC
  10. Players are allowed to reschedule their match until Friday 00:00 UTC, and can choose to play at Monday 20:00 UTC at the latest. Should an exception be needed, players will have to contact one of the hosts
  11. Reproduction and reuploading of official match VODs without permission is not allowed. For permission to use official footage, please contact nik#7777 on Discord. Liveviewing of the official stream and POV streams are allowed

  1. The match lobby will be created by the referee 10-15 minutes prior to match time, and the players will be invited
  2. Players have a strict 10 minute grace period to be in the match lobby and ready to play the match. If 10 minutes pass and a player does not show up, the other player will receive a win by default unless a reschedule is agreed upon within a timely manner
  3. Once both players are in, both players will roll. The lowest roll will begin the bans, and the highest roll will begin the map picks.
  4. There will be no warmups
  5. Banned maps are effectively removed from the mappool for the duration of the match and are not allowed to be picked
  6. Players have 90 seconds to select a map; if they fail to choose in the allotted time, their choice will be skipped and the opposing players will be given the pick instead
  7. There is no restriction on bans and map selection order; players may pick or ban any available map regardless of mod
  8. Failed scores will count via application of the NoFail mod for all maps
  9. For Freemod maps, players may choose any mod combination between HD, HR and EZ, or may choose not to run a mod
  10. Each mod combination will have its own custom score multiplier
    1. NM: 20% reduction
    2. HD: default
    3. HR: 6% increase
    4. EZ: 75% increase
    5. HDHR: default (with default HR multiplier)
    6. EZHD: 90% increase
  11. Once the map choice is locked in, players will have 60 seconds to ready up. The referee will start the match when all players are ready. If the 60 second timer ends, the referee will force an !mp start 15 command, and the match will start
  12. Players are allowed, but not required, to use mods on tiebreaker maps
  13. In the case of a disconnection, common sense will be applied: if proof exists of the disconnected player's score (or a rough estimate of their hypothetical score if they finished the map), it will be taken into account; if it is at all ambiguous, the other team will get the point; if the disconnection occurred in the first few seconds, the map will be replayed

Registration: December 1 - January 2 (23:59 UTC)

Qualifiers: January 7 - January 9
  • 4nm / 2hd / 2hr / 2dt // 7.0*
Round of 64: January 14 - January 16
  • 5nm / 2hd / 2hr / 3dt / 2fm / 1tb // 6.5*
    Best of 9 // 1 ban
Round of 32: January 21 - January 23
  • 5nm / 2hd / 2hr / 3dt / 2fm / 1tb // 6.7*
    Best of 9 // 1 ban
Round of 16: January 28 - January 30
  • 5nm / 2hd / 2hr / 3dt / 2fm / 1tb // 7.0*
    Best of 9 // 1 ban
Quarterfinals: February 4 - February 6
  • 6nm / 3hd / 3hr / 4dt / 3fm / 1tb // 7.3*
    Best of 11 // 2 bans
Semifinals: February 11 - February 13
  • 6nm / 3hd / 3hr / 4dt / 3fm / 1tb // 7.6*
    Best of 11 // 2 bans
Finals: February 18 - February 20
  • 6nm / 3hd / 3hr / 4dt / 3fm / 1tb // 8.0*
    Best of 13 // 2 bans
Grand Finals: February 25 - February 27
  • 6nm / 3hd / 3hr / 4dt / 3fm / 1tb // 8.3*
    Best of 13 // 2 bans

1st place:
  • Profile badge*
    Profile banner
    38% of the prizepool**
2nd place:
  • Profile badge (pending confirmation)*
    Profile banner
    30% of the prizepool**
3rd place:
  • Profile badge (pending confirmation)*
    Profile banner
    20% of the prizepool**
4th place:
  • Profile banner
    10% of the prizepool**
pick'em winner:
  • pick'em website badge
    2% of the prizepool**

Current prizepool: 1500€

*Officially all badges are pending confirmation, however considering the history of the tournament and planned quality we assume top 1 is guaranteed. Badges for the entire top 3 is currently being discussed with osu! staff and will be evaluated during the course of the tournament.

**Prizepool is ambiguous and will be picked out from the total donation pool at the end of the tournament. If you wish to contribute to the total donation pool, you may do so by donating here.

Time to streamer
Wait what's going on :3c
Time to have some fun
It is time.
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just over 3 weeks left!

if you have signed up and are not on the sheet, make sure you are in the server and fully finished your registration. in order for your registration to be complete, you must have both osu! and Discord accounts linked! we will soon be removing signups who are not in the server, so make sure you do that as well!

if you wanted to staff and have asked me and i have not responded to you yet, you are most likely very clearly not experienced enough. there are some exceptions to this but its all people who have staffed for me before so they have not gotten a response because they will be asked to join shortly

total prizepool so far will be announced in the Discord server when we are halfway through signups, and added to the forum post right after!
You should sign up for nik's winter cup... NOW!!

D I O wrote:

You should sign up for nik's winter cup... NOW!!
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2 weeks left to register! forum post updated with prizepool and badges, and once again make sure you are in the server and fully finished your registration.
Come sign up, only a few days left!
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