チエン - Arknights Ch'en v3 | Cyberpunk skin | [HD|SD] [16:9]

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After a long 3 months I finally finished Arknights Ch'en v3, a worthy successor to the 2nd version of my Arknights Ch'en skin series.

I did my best to refine everything that could have been improved with Arknights Ch'en v2.

But there were some compromises. I hurried the skin and tried to publish it before November 30 in hopes for it to make the Skinning Bulletin for months September-November 2021.

Don't worry. I will make future versions and major changes along the way. Look forward to features such as a non-weeb version that focuses purely on the skin's design, extra hitcircles and UI elements, updates to skin elements, and much more.

For now, enjoy this initial version of Ch'en v3.

Look through the Imgur album to see whether you want to download this skin or not

Screenshots: Imgur

There are 2 main links you can download this skin from.

Mediafire | Google Drive

Of course, I have to credit the talented artists that made this skin possible.

Song Select: 白井鋭利
Ranking Panel: ohako
Section Pass: wangxi205 (Official Art)
Section Fail: やわはら ローソンプリント販売中
HP Bar: Arknights Toolbox (Official Art)
Welcome Text: Arknights toolbox (Official Art)
Menu Background: Franlu07
great map bro, i like that
The skin is very good, I like it a lot.
yooooooooo, this skin is fire dude!
How do I use the screen at the beginning of OSU that has the skin
sye supraxx
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