Community Mentorship Program Winter 2022 -All Gamemodes, Storyboarding, Mapping & Modding

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Community Mentorship Program

2022 Winter Cycle

- All Gamemodes (Mapping & Modding) / Storyboarding -
Current Status: Cycle Started

Along with the Organization Team, I now present the 20th iteration of the Community Mentorship Program (last cycle announcement can be found here).

This cycle features the debut of two new branches: Modding (merged from the Modding Mentorship program) and Storyboarding!

General Rules
A cycle is a 13 week unit of time in the context of these rules.
  1. Mentors sign up once every cycle. They sign up to teach prospective mappers until they sign off from the program. If they sign off, they have to complete their last pair commitments or have a substitute mentor that wishes to take on their mentees..
  2. Mentors can sign up for any number of gamemodes.
  3. Mentors may take on applicants that are up to mediocre at mapping. Anyone going for mappers who already have some experience will have to provide a lesson plan in order to prove they won’t run out of material.
  4. Participants removed from the program for any reason will not be reconsidered unless there are special circumstances. This also includes not getting restricted during your time on the program. Common other removal reasons include behaviour, unnotified absence or lack of commitment.
  5. Verdicts of the organization team are not necessarily final and can be argued against. E.g. by providing more information on the case in question.
  6. Prospective participants naturally have the right to reject an invitation into the program. Should probably explain why though, since the organization team put in the effort to evaluate the participant.
  7. Mentor/Mentee pairings are bound for at least 8 weeks. Each mentee is a commitment lasting at least 8 weeks to the program for the mentor.
  8. Mentor/Mentee pairings can part ways during a buffer time of 2 weeks from starting off, in case they don’t get along well within the first few weeks, or have to withdraw due to personal reasons, or cannot establish a working schedule, etc.
    1. Additionally they can part ways every 4 weeks of the cycle if there’s a mutual agreement to do so. Reasoning for the decision must be provided.
  9. The maximum amount of mentees any mentor can have across all modes at a given time is 5
  10. The maximum amount of mentees any mentor can add in a single batch is 3
  11. Mentors are not fully in charge of picking their mentees. The organization team will evaluate the skill level of each applicant which they wish to choose and have the right to reject that choice. Of course, they will provide reasoning and nothing is final so there’s always room for debating the decision.
Mentor Criteria

- Rules -

Mentors newly joining the program...
  1. are allowed one mentee only. If they prove themselves to be a reliable asset they gain the ability to add one additional mentee every 8 weeks until they cap off. are allowed one mentee only. If they prove themselves to be a reliable asset they gain the ability to add one additional mentee every 8 weeks until they cap off. As an exception, Storyboarding mentors will be able to take up to two mentees for the debut of the program.
  2. are not allowed to choose a mentee with a timezone difference of more than 6 hours. Anything larger has proven to be too much of a gap between average online times to get anything done in a productive manner.

Mentors that have been on the program for more than 8 weeks…
  1. can choose to form new pairs with prospective mentees every 4 weeks and sign off previous commitments that exceed an 8 week runtime.
  2. are eligible for one additional mentee every 8 weeks until they cap off.
  3. are free to take on mentees with larger time zone differences provided they can explain how scheduling is going to work and have a rough teaching schedule of topics to cover with their mentee.

- Guidelines -
You should …
  1. have more than 2 hours of time at your disposal for this program each week.
  2. have ranked beatmaps in the gamemode(s) that you are applying for teaching in. They indicate familiarity and experience with the ranking process.
  3. have a predictable schedule. So that the chances of you suddenly disappearing without any traces are low.
  4. have a decent amount of kudosu to indicate that they have experience with giving feedback on beatmaps.
  5. demonstrate more or less regular modding activity to indicate a baseline of activity in terms of giving feedback.
  6. have encountered mentoring or teaching previously. Experience never hurts.
  7. have a more or less clean record. People who are known for bad behaviour in the recent past should reconsider their behaviour before taking a teaching position.

Note that none of these above are criteria that would 100% exclude you if you do not fulfill them fully. This is still a case-by-case evaluation.
Mentee Criteria
  1. can only hold the mentee status for up to a year (52 weeks) total per gamemode.
  2. are eligible to be chosen by any mentor respecting the mentor’s timezone constraints. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF YOU ARE CHOSEN BY ANYONE IN ANY CASE.
  3. can apply multiple times, only the latest application counts. Applications that are older than 8 weeks count as invalid, as your details, experience and availability might have changed drastically within that time.

- Guidelines -
  1. You should invest more time than your mentor into the program. Given that they are supposed to help you make progress this entire thing only works if you actively work on it.
  2. Your availability and timezone should match the mentors you are applying for. This is recommended due to being easier for both parties.
Mentor Overviews

osu! Mentors | osu!mania Mentors | osu!taiko Mentors | osu!catch Mentors | Storyboard Mentors

Modding Mentor Overviews

osu! Modding Mentors | osu!mania Modding Mentors
osu!taiko Modding Mentors | osu!catch Modding Mentors

The above will be filled as we accept people into the program.

Grayed out mentors are not eligible this cycle - they either already finalised their choice or are staying with their mentees from the last cycle.
Code of Conduct
  1. As a mentor, do not resort to using authority over rational arguments. If you find yourself doing this you probably do not have good arguments to begin with. Treat everyone equally instead of assuming authority.
  2. Repeated misbehaviour on the Discord server can and will get you excluded. Though you really have to try our patience for us to do that.
  3. Make sure to drop us a message if you happen to have some things coming up which will impact your activity. Not that we are interested in your personal lives too much, we just happen to keep track of activity and progress so you disappearing without anyone knowing you did causes confusion.
  4. Please report violations of the Code of Conduct for Mapping and Modding if you encounter them. We investigate cases individually and will take measures accordingly. We just cannot act if we do not know what is going on, though.
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