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  1. Rank range: 100k-999k
  2. 4v4, teams of 4-8
  3. SV2 and NF will be enforced in every map
  4. This tournament will have double elimination, which means a team will only be knocked out of the tournament after losing two matches
  5. All times will be listed in UTC
  6. The tournament will go from a Qualifiers stage to a round of 32 double-elimination bracket. Seeding will be from #1 to #32 depending on qualifier results, and match-ups will follow traditional format: #1 vs #32, #2 vs #31…
  7. Each week, schedules and mappools will be released by Monday 23:59 UTC
registration information
  1. Signups are individual.
  2. Registered players will play their respective country’s tryouts and the captain will decide the roster who will play in the tournament.
  3. Staff isn’t allowed to play, with the exception of streamers and commentators.
  4. Presence in the 6wc discord server is mandatory.
  5. Playing in your country’s tryouts is mandatory to be eligible to play in the tournament (captains included) (only for players in countries with more than 8 signed up players).
screening information
We will be conducting our own, manual screening. Players who wish to play must:
  1. Not be a part of the staff team (with exception to streamers and commentators)
  2. Not have been outside the rank range within the registration period
  3. Not meet any criteria deemed by the administration to suggest foul play or abuse of the ranking system
tryout information
Tryouts are held to help decide each country’s team. They aren’t required to be held for countries who don’t have more than 8 players.
Captains will choose how the tryouts will be held: if they will be done in their own dedicated server or in a custom channel in the 6wc discord server, the pool used, and what specific rules are applied. More specific information about the captains and tryouts can be found in the rules document

qualifier procedures
  1. Each team will sign up to a lobby of their choice. Scheduling rules apply.
  2. Custom lobbies can be requested to admins.
  3. Reminders and invites will be sent 15 and 5 minutes before the lobby time.
  4. Maps will be played in order, from NM1 to DT2.
  5. A timer of 90 seconds will be enforced between every map.
  6. Teams are free to sub in any player they want between each map without restriction.
  7. If a player disconnects within the first 25% or 30 secs of a map (whichever comes last), they will be allowed to replay the map at the end of the lobby up to two times per team.
  8. Qualifier results will be calculated using a Z-sum calculation.
  9. Date and time of the qualifier results reveal will be announced in the discord server.
  10. The top 32 teams will proceed to bracket stage
match procedures
  1. The order of the match occurs as follows: warmup→roll→bans→picks.
  2. Reminders and invites will be sent 15 and 5 minutes before the match time.
  3. If the referee is missing 5 minutes before the match time and no admin is available, players are free to mention the referee role in the discord server.
  4. Each team needs at least 4 players present to play. If the match cannot occur, admins will decide the outcome.
  5. Teams are free to choose their warmup map. The map has to be shorter than 4 minutes and cannot belong to the current mappool. Captains must DM their team’s warmup map to the referee at least 1 hour before the start of the match. Teams can skip their warmups and warmup order will be decided arbitrarily by the referee.
  6. Rolls are to be made by the captains of each team (if they’re not available, the team will designate a substitute captain to make the roll) using the command “!roll”. Rolls made by non-captains will not be considered.
  7. The winner of the roll gets to choose pick order and the loser of the roll gets to choose ban order.
  8. Bans are used to make a map impossible to pick, effectively removing it from the mappool.
  9. The amount of bans will depend on the round.
  10. A timer of 60 seconds will be enforced on each ban.
  11. If the amount of bans is 2 per team the ban order will be ABBA (as in team A bans first then team B makes 2 bans then team A bans last).
  12. The same team isn’t allowed to ban the same mod category twice (NM excluded).
  13. Picks decide what map gets played next.
  14. A timer of 2 minutes will be enforced for every pick with an additional 2 minutes given afterwards to prepare and ready up.
  15. Picks are in an alternate order (ABABAB…).
  16. The same team isn’t allowed to pick any mod category twice in a row (NM excluded).
  17. Teams are free to sub in any player they want between each map without restriction.
  18. In the rare event of a tie, the result will be nullified and the map will be replayed.
  19. If a player disconnects within the first 25% or 30 secs of a map (whichever comes last) and the affected team lost (or the map has been aborted), the map will be replayed up to two times per match per team. If the disconnection happens after, then only submitted scores will be counted unless local scores can be sent as proof that the player finished the map alongside the rest of the lobby.
  20. For FM maps, every player needs to take NF. At least one player must go HR/HDHR and at least one player must go HD/EZHD per team. The rest of the players can choose any mod combination, including no-mod.
  21. Valid mods are EZ,HR,HD and FL.
  22. EZ is multiplied by 1.8 in any context (on top of the in-game multiplier)
  23. Each team can call a 5 minute time-out per match although further breaks can happen if both teams and the referee agree.
  24. If both teams are one point away from winning, the TB (Tiebreaker) will be played. Both teams will be given 3 minutes to prepare and ready up for it.
  25. You’re free to pick any non-global mod on TB

  1. registrations open: 28 November
  2. registrations close: 19 December (23:59 UTC)
  3. captains get announced/screening results get released: 23 December
  4. tryouts: 24 December - 16 January
  5. team roster deadline: 18 January (23:59 UTC)
  6. qualifiers: 22-23 January
  7. ro32: 29-30 January
  8. ro16: 5-6 February
  9. quarterfinals: 12-13 February
  10. semifinals: 19-20 February
  11. finals: 26-27 February
  12. grand finals: 5-6 March

prizepool:200$ +donations

  1. first place team: half of the prizepool shared evenly among the players + profile banner
  2. second place team: a third of the prizepool shared evenly among the players + profile banner
  3. third place team : a sixth of the prizepool shared evenly among the players + profile banner
*prizes given in paypal or supporter, if supporter is chosen, it’ll be rounded out.

South Korea
first :3c
Holy shit it has happened
wow I have just learned about this right now this is insane
Its here.
how to derank
It has arrived
you have got to be shitting me lmaoooo
dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives all the same.
Ryzke EZ
I was here.
It is happening c:
Hey I know the staff!
Brown Guy 2
Let’s gooooooo
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