Mage - The Words I Never Said in D&B [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年11月29日 at 9:21:56

Artist: Mage
Title: The Words I Never Said in D&B
Tags: dump streams speed accuracy rice liquid drum and bass dnb d&b electronic english liquicity edits 1 ep Celsius Recordings UK CLS064 Кирилл Шейкин Kirill Sheykin marathon Lupe Fiasco Wasalu Muhammad Jaco Lasers Atlanctic Records Holly Brook Hafermann The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey remix Step Up Revolution KIDinaKORNER mwc21 mwc 2021 mania world cup 2021
BPM: 172
Filesize: 8731kb
Play Time: 04:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. drum & streams - 4Key (3.88 stars, 3361 notes)

Download: Mage - The Words I Never Said in D&B
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
who would win

osumania players
or one streamy boy going for ranked

Shorter version + rates here
i won't be making rates for this longer version, sorry

psst... there's a 7k version by -NoName- here

29/11/2021: applied Mipha-'s check

28/11/2021: applied Quenlla's check

BG image by Josh Hild
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