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Wow,you make really nice skins!It seems that you got a job ;):)
Character(s):kyoko sakura
Anime(s):puella magi madoka magica
What do you want especially:I would like the skin are nice
can You make just one skin element for me?
I need a star2 element (it shows in kiai time in fountains etc) in clover form
3 leaf clover or 4 leaf
[Kanzaki Ranko]
Character(s): Haqua d'rot Herminium
Anime(s): Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
What do you want especially: I'm interested in the mod selection icons; but if you want to do a full skin feel free to! :P
Character : Azunyan (Azusa Nakano)
Anime : K-On
What I Want Especially: Clean, Simple, Not Flashy, NEKO!, Preferably Japanese.
Your Ryofu Housen's skin isn't working properly. The Mod, random, beatmap options, selection options, and Hp bar aren't working or is that just me?
Character: Yoshinon
Anime: Date A Live
What do you want especially: Artists Choice

Crap Repost sorry
I want one too !! Sorry if i distrub you >.<

Characters : Hatsune Miku, Megpoid Gumi, Aria on the planets ( IA )

Anime(?) : Vocaloid lol i know vocaloid isnt an anime

What i want : Full of green , blue and pink . Make it simple, just mod for std and ctb. And not a flashy colour, thx ^^
Character: Silver
Anime Game: Pokémon 2nd Gen
What do you want especially: I just want a clean skin without too many stuff on the screen at the same time. If it could be mainly based on red it would be nice.
Thanks a lot.
Inabarita skin request (Hotsuin Yamato: Devil survivor)

DL: http://puu.sh/3W7lr.rar
Next update of this:
[*]Menu\selection buttons
[*]more comboburst
[*]spinner (old\new style)
[*]Mod icons

Neko_girl_chibi request on kyoko sakura skin

P.S. Tsukiko update the first post \o/
Oh my gosh ;u; it looks beautiful

character : Yuki Nagato
anime : Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

thank you
Character: Cirno
Anime(s): Touhou
What do you want especially: Clear and lot of combobursts if this is not a big problem :3

Thanks a lot <3

ballcadar wrote:

Character: Cirno
Anime(s): Touhou
What do you want especially: Clear and lot of combobursts if this is not a big problem :3

Thanks a lot <3
Yoshino skin is next. :D

beeboy123 wrote:

Yoshino skin is next. :D
ask tsukiko about it :3 or we can talk into PM about it.
Judging by your name, can I assume you've done a Tsukiko skin? If you have, do you have a link for it?
Hai, hai! ^^
I want a skin too! : )
Character(s): Fuwa Mahiro
Anime(s): Zetsuen no Tempest
What do you want especially: A star-shaped cursor, clock spin, star-shaped buttons
Thanks! : )
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Tsukiko T
Yoshino Yoshinon's skin requested by Yoshinon done.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e3a9f ... noskin.zip
Character(s):yazawa niko
Anime(s):love live
What do you want especially: "Anata no heart e niko niko ni !" , "Niko Niko ni !"
Niko flash ← this sound section fail and section pass and comboburst plz :D
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