Logtsuki - Log Horizon Akatsuki themed skin (16:9) [std only]

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This is a non-animated anime themed skin and also my first work. I wanted to make the skin and I did it, so enjoy! Down there you can find some screenshots and a gameplay video. Also would recommend reading the P.S.


Imgur Album

YT Gameplay Showcase


Google Drive

Image Credits

Song-selection art: @kit213
Inputoverlay-background: @danyaeljl (I'm not sure if this is the original artist, but I couldn't find this work appearing anywhere before they uploaded it)
menu-background: Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find the artist who made this, but if you know them, let me know.

P.S. About a nickname on the healthbar

Originally there is a nickname on the katana's handle:

The nickname was replaced with "Akatsuki" to let everybody use this skin with no issue. However, if you like the skin and want to place your nickname there, but can't do that yourself, feel free to message me and I'll do that for you.
Wow, i believe i have just found a hidden gem
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