Hello, I'm Rafis! [16:9][HD/SD][Animated][STD][Custom Arts][Custom Audio]

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Character introducing:

Rafis - Top1 polish player and one of the most legendary osu!'s players.
His 'model' is based on his apperance from 2019 Osu! event

WorstPolackEu - Rafis's best friend and definitely one of the most 'unique' and funny players osu! has ever had.
In the project he is shown as some kind of 'meme', as he's mostly recognized from funny situations.

Memli - Rafis's girlfriend. Considered as his best support.

Cookiezi - Most legendary osu!'s player. Rafis was the only one person ever that made him farm to compete for top1 place.

Element explanation:

Osu! Cookie (Rafis holding his circle) - Followup to 'Use Rafis skin!'

Section Pass - Followup to 2017 Rafis's stream. WorstPolackEu (his best friend) was talking to his mum and he kept asking her for buying him some cheerios. To this day it's one of the most unforgettable streams and the whole situation became a huge meme around the community of Poland.

Section Fail - Model is a followup to WorstPolackEu's slots (gambling game) and drunk calls to Rafis.
The word 'Deduwa' is a followup to widely known airport situation.

Pause Screen - It's pretty complicated and the possitioning also matters.

1. Rafis - holding Yukari's plushie(character from the map NecroFantasia), while looking at Cookiezi being above him, like he wants to catch him.
As we know, NecroFantasia FC got Rafis to top1 global ranking, that was held by Cookiezi that time.

2. WorstPolackEU - the definition of the 'snipe', that's why he's aiming at Cookiezi.

Both of models are on the same row as Rafis & Polack are best friends + Polack would always help Rafis, no matter what.

3. Cookiezi - holding a top1 medal as he was top1 before Rafis's NecroFantasia play.

4. Memli - represents the entire Polish community that was encouraging and supporting Rafis at his road to top1.

Both of models are on the same row.
Cookiezi just to show his dominance + it's pretty important he holds the medal, as Memli's model, despite showing the support, also celebrates the top1 global that's just about to go into the Polish's account (she holds a flag).

Pause Fail - No NecroFantasia (Yukari's plushie) FC, no top1 medal :)

5. Ranking Panel Top - Memli as a definition of support

6. Ranking Panel Bottom - WorstPolackEu's model with money was meant to show his addiction to gambling game called Slots.
He's placed close to the 'PP' table, as in this scenario - pp = money :)
And also, getting 'pp' is addictive :P

Skin made by: [RK] x [LM]
All of the arts were made and copyrighted by [RK] x Kiillotusaine.
It is forbidden to use them without permission.
Audio was made by Castin.

Special thanks to:
- WorstPolackEu -// for voice acting for section Pass / Fail / Seeya
- Flowfy -// for testing the skin
- Cpol -// for helping with generating over thousands of cursors, lol
This skin rules.
It's probably my favorite.
dope skin
just found my new favorite skin
Amazing skin(s) but please make a non-mega download where i can download all of them. I'm exceeding quota xd

edit: if i save to my drive and download them all individually it lets me for some reason
e l m o i d k
NM_BB (BLUE) - my favorite
this is epic
Pog skin
the skin's looking neat
Honored to get to work on this skin.
Hope everyone likes the hit sounds and UI sound effects!
(It's understandable if you don't haha)
One of the best skins that i have played with :D
cool skins
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