CIDER GIRL - Cinderella (TV Size)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2021年10月13日 at 下午 06:42:03

Title: Cinderella (TV Size)
Source: 古見さんは、コミュ症です。
Tags: Komi Can't Communicate Komi-san wa, Communication Shougai desu. 古見硝子 Komi Shouko Komyu Komisan cant Japanese Anime Opening op J-pop Jpop pop フジムラ 知 Yurin 江口亮 CIDERGIRL Silent Rock Net0 Hey lululu lu^3
BPM: 130
Filesize: 17861kb
Play Time: 01:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. How to communicate with friends (4.4 stars, 366 notes)
  2. lu^3's Easy (1.6 stars, 112 notes)
  3. Net0's Normal (2.35 stars, 153 notes)
  4. Silent's Hard (3.23 stars, 249 notes)

Download: CIDER GIRL - Cinderella (TV Size)
Download: CIDER GIRL - Cinderella (TV Size) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Download with higher quality mp3 and hitsounds diff :

BG Source

lu^3's Easy by Hey lululu
Net0's Normal by Net0
Silent's Hard Silent Rock
How to communicate with friends by me
Hitsounds 100% by me
mp3 + video edited by me.
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