Red Glow [HD/SD | 16:9 | STD] (non-weeb) (original skin)

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I am a relatively new player to osu! but I am really enjoying my journey so far, and wanted to share with the community a project that’s been a huge part of my osu! experience so far.

This skin started with me simply wanting to change some hitcircles to be a bit more transparent, and then the designer in me just couldn’t stop, and now here I am a month later with this whole project. My goal was to create a fully original skin that expresses my own unique view of what the game osu! is, and to stretch myself as a designer by learning as much as I can in the process.

Full album of screenshots
Showcase Video (short)

I’m working on a bit of a showcase/behind the scenes video to not only show off the skin, but also talk a bit about the design. Additionally, I learned a whole lot about the process of designing a skin start to finish, so if there is interest, I could see myself making a tutorial video of some of my methods.

All content was created by me, Aaron Sheffield (including sounds).

Let me know what you think!
(or if I missed anything, or am breaking any forum rules/etiquette, or anything like that haha, I am new here :P)

Fonts used:
  1. Bauhaus 93
  2. Rage Italic
  3. Puffin Arcade

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