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This is my first proper skinning project, enjoy :D

This skin shouldn't have taken months to finish, but because I didn't have access to any computers during those months this project that was supposed to take like 2 weeks was put into hiatus limbo until now. But hey, better late than never.

This marks a lot of firsts for me: First skin made in Figma, first attempt to skin the song select thus being the first proper skin I'd make, and my first public release on the forum. I still have a long way to go to make a very nice and coherent skin, but I hope you enjoy this one and the ones I'll make in the future!

Not included in screenshots are the customizations (hitcircle numbers and followpoints).

Note: Video made with osr2mp4, so gameplay is not entirely accurate!

Sounds taken from Aesthetic 1.3.1 and Love Live s1
Vector art by ncoll36
Yoo a really cool skin !!
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