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Welcome to my simple modding queue V2

Please request at and read the info and rules

  1. I can mod 4k only
  1. Req genuine maps no shit posts (memes are allowed)
  1. Modding 6* and up will be hard
  1. M4M will take priority + I will mod first
  1. Since my time is limited I will be extra picky in what maps I mod
  1. After you have requested comment something on the forum page

If anything was helpfull please upvote bcse kudosu.
bima fajar

NM Request Please

Artist - title: Miftahul A'zmi feat. Bagas Dwi Sadewo - Xa Wang Xie Na Wang
Length: 0:30
link: beatmapsets/1563422#mania/3192630
Difficulties to mod: Any except Overmapped
Dm when done?: Yes
Additional comments: -

Thanks in Advance
Hello uwu

Artist - title: JO*STARS ~TOMMY, Coda, JIN~ - JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~ (TV Size).
Length: 1:27
link: beatmapsets/953252#mania/1990342
Difficulties to mod: Normal and Hard
Dm when done?: yes, pls.
Additional comments: Hard got some soft sv.

Thx in advance.
Hello, i'm trying my luck here to get modding

Artist - title: zts - lastendconductor
Length: 3:35
link: beatmapsets/1446316#mania/3145724
Difficulties to mod: Easy~Hard , Lam's Insane is fine to modding if interest
Dm when done?: Yes, i'm trying to respond ASAP
Additional comments: Lam's Insane was challange, hope you like it

Thank you very much!
Hi, i need help :)

Artist - title: Saikoro - Far In the blue sky
Length: 3:05
link: beatmapsets/1481943#mania/3039859
Difficulties to mod: So far away
Dm when done?: no thx i'll se it
Additional comments: I tried to map a far in the blue sky that everyone could play and enjoy

Thx !
Hello! Please help me
Artist: title: PinocchioP - Ultimate Senpai feat. Hatsune Miku
Length: 3:35
Link: beatmapsets/1510204#mania/3195185
Difficulties to mod: Insane
Dm when done?: Yes please
Hello, can help me modify the configuration to make it better Thank you! I hope you'll like it

Artist - title: Dreamcatcher BEcause
Length: 3:02
link: beatmapsets/1539091#mania/3146612
Difficulties to mod: i love you
Dm when done?: yes thx
Additional comments: I hope you'll like it

Artist - title: kamome sano Electric Orchestra - FIN4LE ~Shushisen no Kanata e~
Length: 2:01
link: beatmapsets/1391706#mania/2873556
Difficulties to mod: any of the 4k diffs
Dm when done?: sure
Additional comments: a
Artist - title: Magic360 - A Win Within the Forest
Length: ~36 seconds
link: beatmapsets/1536648#mania/3141918
Difficulties to mod: All Preferably, however importance is highest to lowest diff.
Dm when done?: no
Additional comments:
Artist - title: fhana - Ai no Supreme!
Length: 1:27
link: beatmapsets/1537056#mania/3187236
Difficulties to mod: Hard!, Love Supreme!
Dm when done?: Yes
Additional comments: this map is going for ranked, that's all
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I will get onto modding OsuMagic360's and zyletinee's requests probbaly friday afternoon depending on how much time i have. rest after this will probably be done either friday or saturday
Artist - title: OSTER Project (feat. Sister MAYO) - Mamama*Magical
Length: 1:31
link: beatmapsets/1431792#mania/2947106
Difficulties to mod: Any but easier diffs and hitsounds (if you want) prioritized
Dm when done?: nah
Additional comments: have fun lol
Hi o/

Artist - title: Matsuda Risae & Akane Kumada with Fukushima Jun - Mainichi Kashimashi Pharmacy (TV Size)
Length: 1:29
link: beatmapsets/1513881#mania/3099456
Difficulties to mod: any but normal has priority
Dm when done?: no
Additional comments: simple anime 4k

Thank you
Artist - title: Umeboshi Chazuke - Run*2 Run To You!!
Length: 1:55
link: beatmapsets/1506614#mania/3085971
Difficulties to mod: another or hyper
Dm when done?: no
Additional comments: stream and ln map, hope its fine
Hello o/

Artist - title: Hamburgaga - Fubuki X Caramelldansen
Length: 0:37
link: beatmapsets/1549858#mania/3167201
Difficulties to mod: preferably all
Dm when done?: no
Additional comments: short and simple fubuki map

Thx in advance!
hey hey!
Artist - title: SakiZ - In the soil, daily life with a sardine
Length: 0:54
link: beatmapsets/1549285#mania/3166176
Difficulties to mod: As many as you want/can :D
Dm when done?: suree
Additional comments: short fast map for rank hopefully
hi! you can choose one of them to mod

Artist - title:HoneyWorks feat. Natsuki Enomoto, Akari Hayasaka, Miou Aida - Romantic wedding
link: beatmapsets/1545283#mania/3158547
Difficulties to mod:any u like
Dm when done?: needn't
Additional comments: honeyworks song

Artist - title:Hua Ling / Miao*Jiang / Yan Ning / kinsen – Let the Wind Tell You (Cut Ver.)
link: beatmapsets/1502690#mania/3078685
Difficulties to mod:any u like
Dm when done?: needn't
Additional comments: a chinese song about genshin


NM Request Please

Artist - title: Thaehan - Doki-Doki
Length: 1:42
link: beatmapsets/1564810#mania/3195519
Difficulties to mod: Any diff is fine

Additional comments: At least it's easy to see the whole map

Thanks in Advance!
Hi ^^

Artist - title: Stronger Than You (Frisk Response) - Starbeam
Length: 2:28
link: beatmapsets/1568006#mania/3201514
Difficulties to mod: LOVE
Dm when done?: Yes
Additional comments: I want to get better at mapping xd
Artist - title: bo en - My Time
Length: 1:36
link: beatmapsets/1508399
Difficulties to mod: any
Dm when done?: if you want to
Additional comments: somewhat big mapset with svs and all sorts of patterns. hope you mod this one!
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