osu! Battle Royale 4 [Open Rank] Sponsored by Epomaker [Regs CLOSED!]

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osu! Battle Royale is a knockout lobby styled tournament consisting of a Qualifier pool and 3 bracket stages. 256 players will advance from qualifiers. They'll be separated into 16 lobbies of 16 players each. All players will play through all maps in each stage's mappools and the lowest score after each map will be eliminated. Only 4 players from each lobby will move on to the next round until the Final round where only 1 (one) player will reign victorious!

All players who sign up will play through a qualifiers pool. The top 256 players will qualify and proceed to the bracket stages!

Bracket Stage Procedures
The first round will delegate players into lobbies based on their seeding in qualifiers. All lobbies will have 16 players.
All matches will start between 15 and 17 UTC on Saturdays and Sundays!
If you are not available during those times for the duration of this tournament, I suggest you don't sign up.
The top 4 players from each lobby will advance to the next round. The final round, only 1 player will win.

  1. Registrations: Aug, 13 - Sept, 12 @23:59 UTC
  2. Qualifiers/Screenings: Sept, 13 - Sept, 26 (pool will be released on Sept, 13)
  3. Quarterfinals: Oct, 2 - Oct, 3
  4. Semifinals: Oct, 9 - Oct, 10
  5. Finals: Oct, 16 - Oct, 17
NOTE: Maps will be played in a pre-determined order chosen by the mappoolers and play testers
  1. Qualifiers - | 4NM / 2HD / 2HR / 2DT | NM1: 6.1 ★
  2. Quarterfinals - | 5NM / 2HD / 2HR / 2DT / 1TB | NM1: 6.4 ★
  3. Semifinals - | 5NM / 2HD / 2HR / 2DT / 1TB | NM1: 7 ★
  4. Finals - | 7NM / 2HD / 2HR / 3DT / 1TB | NM1: 7.9 ★

We are proud to announce that this edition of osu! Battle Royale has been sponsored by Epomaker! Epomaker is, in their words, "THE BEST Mechanical Keyboards. Composed with one younger group of gaming, programing engineers, designers and fashionable culture fans, we are inspiring with DIY electronics to make your ideal affordable products with fashionable and distinct personalities to stand out your personal ideas freely and competently, especially with mechanical keyboards, computer components."

First Place:
$150 USD + Profile Banner + Profile Badge (pending)+ Epomaker NT68

Second Place:
$75 USD + Profile Banner

Third Place:
$25 USD + Profile Banner

let's go
Chance win a keyboard
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A player list is now available on the spreadsheet!
hitomi held a gun at my head and told me to comment on the forum post (real)
Yo hitomi your vtuber model is kinda cute ngl, altho I think you should keep the smug face pfp. I can't rly say anything else bruh idk how act down bad, congrats on the sponsor tho!

Also I'll scream if there's somehow gonna be a bang dream map in a pool
SpectreHD my hero <3
is it still alviable to register cuzz i cant find i link to do that so yeah just making surew if regs are up yet ps edit but i found it im just stupid

slothfia wrote:

is it still alviable to register cuzz i cant find i link to do that so yeah just making surew if regs are up yet ps edit but i found it im just stupid
it's alright it happens lol btw regs end in 4 hours monkaW
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