[STD] osu! TWMT#2 10k-40k 1V1 [FINISHED]

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After 6 months, Welcome Back to the Third World Meme Tournament!

Previous Iteration

- This is an osu!std 1v1 tournament for players ranked 10k-40k(with a 2K rank buffer)
- Score V2+NF are enforced
- Qualifiers and RO32 are single elimination,then the rest is double elimination.
- Qualifiers > RO32 > RO16 (BO9) > Quarter-Finals (BO11) > Semi-Finals (BO11) > Finals and GrandFinals (B013)
- No warmups until Quarterfinals(each player can pick only one warmup shorter than 3 minutes).
- Each player will have 1 ban per match,then 2 at Quaterfinals and onwards.
- You cannot ban 2 maps from the same pool,exept NM.
- You cannot pick 2 maps from the same pool in a row,exept NM.
- Every match will be referee'd
- Players must choose between HD, HR, and HDHR during freemod and tiebreaker matches(you can pick NM for tiebreaker). You have 10 seconds to choose your mod and then your choice is LOCKED;you cannot pick the same mod combination for FreeMod twice in a row either regardless of the pick order **Enforced at Quarterfinals and onwards**)
-If you want to reschedule,contact the staff 2 days before the match
-If you want to become confirmed,ask me in game or discord


Match rules

- No cheating/multiaccounting. We won't accept registrations from suspicious accounts.
- Don't be toxic or disrespectful to anyone regardless of "who started it".
- You have 10 minutes to connect after the agreed time or else you will forfeit the match.
- The player with the highest roll (roll 10) picks and bans first.
- The referee will be host and will select the requested map and the mod/s.
- No unsportmanlike conduct such as stalling or "throwing for content".
- In case of internet/hardware issues in the 1st half of a map, it may be replayed. If it happens again, the player loses the point.
- You have 90 seconds to pick or ban a map.

Anticipated Scheduling

Registrations: Jul 23 - 1st Aug
Qualifiers: 2nd Aug - 8 Aug 5.8*
Round-of-32: 9 Aug - 15 Aug 5.45*
Round-of-16: 16 Aug - 22 Aug 5.8*
Quarter-Finals: 23 Aug - 29 Aug 6.05*
Semi-Finals: 30 Aug - 5 Sept 6.25-6.3*
L/W-Finals: 6 Sept - 12 Sept 6.4*
Grand-Finals: 13 Sept - 19 Sept 6.6*

Qualifiers lobbies can contain a maximum of 12 players. Please communicate your availability with as much detail and accuracy as possible so we can effectively schedule your qualifiers matches.
For RO32 onwards our staff will work out match scheduling and seeding with players who qualify.
Highest seeded player vs Lowest seeded player for RO32 AND RO16.


1st - 6 months supporter+Badge (Pending)
2nd - 4 months supporter
3rd - 2 months supporter


Host: jehukm

Referees: WIP A secret | Vespulaz | jehukm | P a t r i c k | Rekunan
| lexa on osu | zSmoxKe | Dragoncurve | biki-desu | Schaapje

Mappool Selectors: jehukm | FlatPaper | Schaapje

If you have any questions,feel free to post them below or on the discord server.

We are gonna accept about 70 players before closing the form.

Additional stuff idk

Helpful people:dqwed,julinko,toshiroken,snake

Need to report something about the tournament? access this link Report Form
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About 10 slots left
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