Minimal Green [Version 2.0 - Official Release] [STD] [16:9] [HD/SD]

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After years of working on and off on this damn skin I finally feel like it's ready to be released. It's been my personal skin since the first version and I've been refining it to my personal liking ever since. (This is also my first release so don't be too hard on me lmao)

I'm very excited and open for feedback & suggestions as I will most likely work on this skin for as long as I play osu!

Details & Extras

As the name might imply, this is a minimalistic skin. The main focus being clutter-free gameplay.

Custom elements: Cursors, Cursor trails, Followpoints, Hitcircles, default numbers, scorebar-bg (See ".Custom Elements" folder).
.osk filesize: 14.8 MB


Video Showcase
Imgur Gallery / Screenshots


Feel free to let me know if any of these links stop working.

Thanks for checking out my skin! Enjoy! <3
really good! minimalistic skins are always very enjoyable to me and you did a perfect job with that, the chosen colors work perfectly together, thank you! :D
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