Leon's queue osu!mania NM [CLOSED FOREVER]

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Leon Brigido

Hi! welcome to my new queue, this is my first time doing one, so I want to practice and help others with their maps.
I am a mania player/mapper, please do not request mod for other game modes, only mania.


only 4k
My max of * for mod is 5,5
you can request any genre of music
do not forget that I see the requests through this format, and do not forget the 'w' here

Artist/Title: linear ring - enchanted love (and the witch's selfish heart)
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1481796#mania/3039521
Additional Information: It's a complex LN map. Thank you
Artist/Title: RoughSketch - 666
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1430396
Additional Information: Mod remapped diff(s) only, if you mod old diffs it will be no use
Artist/Title: Halozy - Paranoid Lost
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/727348#mania/2960359
Additional Information: marathon set but the song was repetitive you can choose at 2nd section or fullset
YuEast 2018
hello o/

Artist/Title: Morimori Atsushi vs. uma - Noel
Drain Duration/BPM: 2:17/220
Difficulty that you want me to modify: so diffs below 4.5 as you said
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1105266#mania/2562219
Additional Information: thanks
Hello :)

Artist/Title:DIALOGUE+ - Omoide Shiritori
Drain Duration/BPM: 1:27 / 172
Difficulty that you want me to modify:easy or normal
Beatmap link:
Additional Information:Vocal-oriented beatmap, thanks
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Leon Brigido
Very soon I will start modding maps to more than 5*
- NM -

Artist - Title: Yorushika | That's Why I Gave Up On Music
Drain Duration - BPM: 1m 31s | 125
Difficulty that you want me to modify: Normal
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1455673#mania/2992143
Additional Information: First time mapping, thank youuu!!
Artist/Title: DIALOGUE+ - Omoide Shiritori (TV Size)
Drain Duration/BPM: 1:28/172 bpm
Difficulty that you want me to modify: any
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1463414
Additional Information: pitch relevancy and 1/4 and 3/4 ln lengths in top diff
Hello leon nm req here

Artist/Title: Kobaryo - Glitched Character
Drain Duration/BPM: 170 - 230
Difficulty that you want me to modify: Normal to Insane
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1436983
Additional Information: marathon with fullset

Hi NM plz :)

Artist/Title: Perfume - Let Me Know
Drain Duration/BPM: 3:16/92BPM
Difficulty that you want me to modify: Hard
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1406649#mania/2985848
Additional Information: Has LN and Jacks at some part
NM plz

Artist/Title: hanzaki - Your Soulmate -Undertale first anniversary medley-
Drain Duration/BPM: 30:00!! / most in 120-190
Difficulty that you want me to modify: Determination (or some parts of this diff)
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1462798#mania/3004962
Additional Information: since it's a VERY LLOONNGG map, if you can't mod whole map, you can mod some parts of this map. thx~
hihi nm req o/
Artist/Title: Selphius - Los! Los! Los! (TV Size)
Drain Duration/BPM: 1:29 / 240
Difficulty that you want me to modify: any
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1496236#mania/3067292
Additional Information: /
thx owo
hi NM req
Artist/Title ChroNoiR-Ice Breaker


Additional info:

hello NM req

Artist/Title: EmoCosine - Cutter
Drain Duration/BPM: 2:20 / 160 bpm
Difficulty that you want me to modify: Hard! / Hyper!
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1308780#mania/2713243
Additional Information: Cute map with minijacks

hello nm mod req~

Artist/Title: Asano Hayato-Hibaru Kochi
Drain Duration/BPM: 1:59/ 200
Difficulty that you want me to modify:any
Beatmap link: beatmapsets/1471618#mania/3021070
Additional Information: altelier sophie game bgm

thank you
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Leon Brigido
aaaaaandd closed until: July 8 due to various problems that I will not mention
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Leon Brigido
open again, I'll take a look at your maps when I have time
Song name: Sindrom Vosmiklassnika - kerosin po moim venam.
Genre: Russian Rock.
Bpm: 140.
Length: 1:07.
Map Url: beatmapsets/1514127#osu/3099904
Its my first map.. Thanks)
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Leon Brigido
sorry i just moddeo maps mania
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