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Welcome to the twelfth installment of the Australian/New Zealand osu!standard Tournament! ANZT 8 Winter is a 1v1, ScoreV2 tournament featuring a two week group stage into a round-of-32 double elimination bracket. There is an update to how seedings are formed, so make sure to read below. Any questions should be directed to one of the organisers on the ANZT Discord server.
Group stage & seeding details
Most Importantly: The top 16 seeds will be offered a spot in the Round of 32; skipping the group stage.

We have split the seedings into 2 sections:
- 1 - How the top 16 seeds will be calcualted
- 2 - How the rest of the players will be seeded

For the top 16 seeds:
Seeding for the top 32 players is based off of results from previous two ANZT iterations. Results from the preceding iteration, ANZT8S, are a priority, and players ranking top 24 in ANZT8S are given priority over those ranking top 24 in ANZT7W. For players who placed top 24 in both tournaments, and had a higher placing in ANZT7W, the average of both their placements is used. For players only placing top 24 in ANZT7W, they are considered in the top 25-32 bracket in ANZT8S. BWS is used if any ties in placements occur.

For the next 48 seeds:
We will take the next 48 seeds calculated by BWS, after the top 16 has been calculated. Anyone who reached the top 24 of ANZT8W will be allowed to play no matter what.

BWS Formula Used

Join the ANZT Discord | Watch our Stream | Schedules/Mappool/Bracket
For Players:
You will have to Join the ANZT Discord. Go to the #register channel, react to the message or type !register. More information can be found in the discord server.

For Staff:
Use this link here!
  1. 1ˢᵗ: $45 AUD + ANZT8W Badge
  2. 2ⁿᵈ: $25 AUD
  3. 3ʳᵈ: $20 AUD
Donations are appreciated. These tourneys are funded out of our pockets!
  1. Sign ups: Jun 11 - Jul 2
  2. osu! staff liaison (tentative): Jul 3 - Jul 18
  3. Groups: Jul 23 - Aug 1 (BO9)
  4. RO32: Aug 6 - Aug 8 (BO9)
  5. RO16 & LB R1: Aug 13 - Aug 15 (BO9)
  6. Quarter Finals & LB R2, R3: Aug 20 - Aug 22 (BO11)
  7. Semi Finals & LB R4, R5: Aug 27 - Aug 29 (BO11)
  8. Finals & LB R6, R7: Sep 3 - Sep 5 (BO13)
  9. LB Finals & Grand Finals: Sep 10 - Sep 12 (BO13)
General Rules:
  1. This is an osu!standard tourney for Australian/New Zealand players only. Participants must have an Australian or New Zealand flag on their osu profile.
  2. Matches will be Head to Head with Score V2.
  3. Any harassment or abuse of a staff member or other players/spectators will result in expulsion from the tournament.
  4. We maintain a blacklist for all ANZT tournaments. You will be put on this list if you:
    1. Fail to show up to two of your matches without a valid excuse and/or without alerting a staff member.
    2. Were blatantly rude to a staff member and/or other players.
    3. Displaying unsportsmanlike conduct and/or anti-competitive behaviour like purposefully throwing.
    4. Dropped out of a tournament because “you didn’t feel like playing anymore.”
  5. If a problem occurs where rules are not clear questions can be directed to admins. Administration has final say regarding these situations.
  6. In order for your registration to count, you must fill out the form, join the discord, and change your discord nickname to your osu! username.
  7. Staff members are not allowed to sign up. The only exceptions are streamers & commentators.
  8. Reschedules must be agreed on by both players and proof must be provided.
  9. All reschedules must be done prior to 30 minutes before the scheduled match time.
  10. All matches and reschedules will/must be scheduled for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Match Rules:
  1. Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the designated match time.
  2. Players have up to ten minutes after their designated start time to move into the lobby. Failure to show will result in a forfeit.
  3. If both players are absent, the match may not be rescheduled.
  4. If a referee is not present, the match will be rescheduled.
  5. Matches will be played with NoFail on.
  6. If a player disconnects within the first 1/4 of a map, the map will be aborted and replayed. Any further disconnects during the match will result in a forfeit of that map.
  7. Roll winner gets to choose one of: pick 1st, pick 2nd, ban 1st, ban 2nd. Roll loser chooses between the unchosen options.
  8. Each player is allowed one ban. From best of 11, each player is allowed two bans. Players will alternate ban picks. There are no restrictions on which maps can be banned.
  9. Each player is allowed one warmup. Warmups must not be longer than 5 minutes, must not be in the current week's mappool and must be submitted.
  10. If players tie scores on a map, neither player gets a point and the match continues as normal.
  11. If the match ends in a tie, players will play the tiebreaker. Each player must play with any of NoMod/HD/HR/HDHR.
will only play if this doesn't collide with my current ongoing osu!facebook tournament
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