[STD 1vs1] SliderBreak Tournament [400k-250k] [player and staff Registration closed]

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Hello and welcome to OSBT.

Hello and welcome to a new 1vs1 tournament from OSBT.
This month's tournament will be for the 400k-250k range.
It will take place between the 19 of june and the 4th of july.
To participate in the tournament you must register and join the Discord server
The links are in the information section below.

If you have any questions that you can't find answered here, don't hesitate to ask the Discord staff.

General information

The tournament will be in score V2, and there will be 32 places.
The first week will be for qualifiers

We will use a double elimination bracket, with bracket reset for the final.
From RO32 will be in BO5, RO16 and Quarter-Finals BO7,
Semi-Finals and Finals will be BO9 and Grand-Finals will be BO11.

To register to the tournament you need to click on the registration link below and join the discord server.
Please only register if you're ok with playing around 3 matches in the same day and if you don't need to reschedule a lot.
During the screening we will only check your rank (using BWS) and if you are on the discord,

Our Discord has an active French Community but don't be afraid of them, they're chill and friendly
don't hesitate to speak english on #✍-general-chat and #✍-english-chat !


-Registration closing: 16 of June at 01:00 (utc)
-Screening: end the 17 of June (We only check if you're in the rank range)
-Qualifiers: 19 and 20 of June
-Round of 32 and Round of 16: 26 of June
-Quarterfinals: 27 of June
-Semifinals: 3th of July
-Finals and Grand finals: 4th of July

The tournament will start both day at 12:00 UTC and end around 18:00 UTC,
Reschedules will be limited between these time.


| Discord | Twitch FR | Twitch EN | Spread sheet 400k-250k | Registration |

Players Rules :

You can be 5 minutes late maximum.
⦁ Any use of cheats will be punished by disqualification.
⦁ If you were already registered to the tournament and your rank changed, you're allowed to participate
within a certain limit: min 240k
⦁ We will use a BWS ranking when doing the screening using this formula: rank^(0.99^(badges*(badges+1)/2))
⦁ Previous 1st place in one of our tournaments is counted in the BWS.

Matches Rules :

⦁ NF will be applied on every map.
⦁ The roll winner is the player with the biggest number. He will ban first and the loser of the roll ban.
The winner of the roll then chose who pick first.
⦁ No rematch if the first 20 seconds of the song were played and you quit the room (even if you crashed).
1 ban per match allowed.
⦁ FM are Free Modes. HR/HD/FL/EZ only are allowed + NM is allowed but count x0.85. EZ count x1.6.
⦁ TieBreaker is Free Modes. HR/HD/FL/EZ or only are allowed. EZ count x1.6 and NM is x1.

Don't hesitate to ask us if something is unclear.

⦁ There is no cashprize for this tournament.

Host: | Shinde Imasu | ecnop |
Mappooler: | ecnop | Shinde Imasu | Numero_Zer0e | Astrolis |

We are looking for casters, if you can cast a match in english it could be really
good for the current casting team because we are all french. If you want to apply in staff
please send a PM Shinde Imasu#6219 on discord with a message which say what you want to do.
I wish I could join ;-;

TangyZhangy wrote:

I wish I could join ;-;
haha pp farmer haha
i like ska
what this
Joon Yorigami
that rank range is... interesting
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aidivi wrote:

You will get the first mappool (for qualifiers) the 13th of July. Then the impulse will be revealed at the beginning of every week.
Shinde Imasu
Low rank tournaments are always fun to organize
interesting tourney, if I could join lmao. Maybe I should start farming to 400k
Goddamn id like to join but 1am utc in my time is 4am lol
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kertv123 wrote:

Goddamn id like to join but 1am utc in my time is 4am lol
1 am UTC is the closing of registrations only. The tournament will happen between 12 and 18 UTC.
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