[Album] Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (5/14 Claimed)

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Kyshiro wrote:

Claiming ''Contact'', awesome song :3
Added, also the bonus track 'Horizon' is out now so that's up for grabs/
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Unclaiming Doin' It Right, claiming Giorgio
claiming doin' it right then
You can take me off the list. I ended up not having enough time to map Instant Crush along with other stuff I'm working on.
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Good news, everyone! Get Lucky is now finally finished and pending.
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Might as well bump this up to say that Get Lucky is now ranked!
Also my map of Giorgio by Moroder is available here http://osu.ppy.sh/s/103662# currently only one difficulty
Claiming Touch ^-^

I know it has various BPM in a song body (: I'm working upon them and, once timed, I'll start mapping.

I plan submit the mapset once I get it completed.
I'm trying out the editor, it probably will take a while, but I am trying to work on Lose Yourself To Dance. If anyone has tips for making maps I'd appreciate them; right now I'm trying to bookmark all important parts of the song (e.g. the sweat, Sweat, SWEAT! part) so I can assign buttons and sliders better :lol:

EDIT: haven't done anything with Osu! in a while and I'm not going to work on my editor skills anytime soon, Lose Yourself To Dance is available!
Lose Yourself to Dance~
Whooops, I'll be quiet


I'm mapping carefully the Touch song.

When played several times your Get Lucky song, I got amazed on its skinning, then..... Could I get the skin part of Get Lucky for use in Touch ???

Claming The Game of Love.........

Needs a Collab....
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