[STD][2V2][450k-150k] TCTM beginners cup! [regs CLOSED]

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-Green tea-

TCTM beginners cup is 2v2 tournament aimed for beginner players. Rank range is 450k-150k and there is max 16 teams that can join (no qualifiers). The tournament is 2v2 but max team size is 3 players. You have to join discord server to participate. If you are interested, make sure you read this thread!

General rules
-only players from rank range of 450k to 150k are allowed to join
-Every match is played in ScoreV2
-tournament will be in 2v2 format (Max 3 players in one team)
-every player participating have to be on tctm discord server
-you can be late max 10 minutes for your match
-max 16 teams will be admitted (start from ro16, no qualifiers)
-double elimination
-captain of certain team will roll, pick and ban maps
-warmup have to be shorter than 4 minutes
-teams will be seeded by pp of 2 highest rank players in each team
-if scores of both teams will be equal, map will be replayed
-teams have 2 minutes to decide what they want to pick, if they won’t pick a map in that time frame, map will be chosen randomly by !roll
-winners get 1 month of supporter tag each.
-you can reschedule matches from tuesday to thursday
-If you want to reschedule a match, post confirmation with the other teams captain agreeing to change the date to #reschedule
-any member of staff cannot participate in the tournament
- in the first 20 seconds of the map starting you can ask referee to abort the match, each team have power to do this once per match
Mappool rules
-every map will be played with scorev2 and NF
-when playing TB you can choose to play either NM, HD, HR or HDHR
-to decide who picks and ban first we will use command !roll
-team that roll higher number will chose to pick first and ban second or ban first and pick second
-when picking FM you can pick to play NM, HD, HR or HDHR
-when picking FM at least one player playing from each team have to pick either HD, HR or HDHR
-ro32 and ro16 are BO7, quarterfinals BO9, semifinals BO11 and finals and gf BO13
-each team will be able to eigher ban 1 map (ro32 and ro16) or 2 maps (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals and grand finals)
-you can’t ban 2 maps with same mod
Registration phase: 17th may 2021 - 30th may 2021 (10pm utc)
Regs close: 30th may 2021 (10pm utc)
Round of 32: 4-6 June
Round of 16: 11-13 June
Quarterfinals: 18 - 20 June
Semifinals: 25-27 June
Finals: 2-4 July

Registration phase: 17th may 2021 - 30th may 2021 (10pm utc)
Regs close: 30th may 2021 (10pm utc) / or if there will be 32 registered teams
Registration form:

Host: -Green tea-
Mappool selectors/testers: Molly Sandrea, Numero_Zer0e, poisonvx
Referees: -Green tea-, Molly Sandera, -NightSky-, Aiidoru, MilspecGaming, cygerion, PhilCanSurvive, Aryuii, Venn358
- Sr Paiku -
anyone want play with me ? hahaha
-Shiki Natsume-
e Clap
If anyone want to team just DM me at Atompii#9578
Sleep Deprived0
Poggers Let's go
anti zay
might grind to 400k to participate hmm
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