Favourite FPS games?

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I'm definitely more of an FPS gamer than any other style.

Really digging UT3, Quake Wars and TF2 at the moment, but I still enjoy a bit of Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe and Codename: Eagle.

What about you? What's tickling your fancy at the moment? Doesn't have to be on PC either, bring on the Halotards! (:D)
I'm not big on any FPS's, the only ones I ever got into were Metroid Prime Hunters and Counter-Strike.
Just for the single player, my favourite is Bioshock with XIII coming second.
I haven't played much multiplayer ones, but Red Faction and UT series are fun.
Valve games.

I don't like FPS a whole lot, but I love Valve's Half-Life series. Best PC game series. I also haven't met a single individual who dislikes Portal, because that game was brilliant.
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I guess I only picked the multiplayer fps's I love. I think Duke Nukem 3D really got me into FPSs, before that I'd played Wolfenstein and Doom but they didn't really grab me. At that stage I was waaay more into point and clicks like Lucasarts/Sierra games + SNES/consoles etc.

Single player fps's games that I have loved...
Duke Nukem3D
Half-life 1/2/ep2 (I didn't enjoy ep1, but ep2 was INCREDIBLE) + Portal
Deus Ex (just 1, not 2)
The Thief series
Rainbow Six (pretty much all of them up till #4)
SWAT 3/4

fps's I've enjoyed a fair bit but not loved....
Bioshock (Pretty graphics, but didn't really grab me gameplay wise. Awesome style/art direction)

fps's I hate...
Quake 3. Yes, Quake 3. So mind numbingly boring :(
Deus Ex 2 - ugh...
probably more that my mind has blocked out...
Maybe we should just make a topic called "Favorite Games" instead of having different topics for each genre...just a thought.
i like the Metroid Prime i am probably the biggest metroid fan here.
i like quake
valve's fps's
Sin episodes
Jedi Knight
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Cecilthemos wrote:

Maybe we should just make a topic called "Favorite Games" instead of having different topics for each genre...just a thought.
eehhhh, we've got a whole forum for games, no need to make massive threads ;) each game can have it's own thread!

shake it, baby
I had Duke Nukem 3D as well. T'was my first FPS.

I'm going to rip off your head and shit down your neck!

Ah, memories of an eight year old.
Unreal Tournament 3 for the ps3 is an amazing game. Played Halo 3 and it was ok but this is really fun. Metal Gear Solid po for the psp online was a good game and with metalgear online coming out in 08 or 09.
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is my all-time favorite FPS.

Prior to that, I was a sniper addict and used to play the Delta Force series alot. Especially Land Warrior. Snipage from 1000m+ away. Of course you gotta adjust for elevation and enemy movement...ahh, those were good times...
I typically don't play FPS's, but TF2 and UT3 have me hooked at the moment. Going to go ahead and call TF2 my favorite.
I -LOVED- Warrock back in beta. It's P2P to get other weapons now, which is completely stupid. It costs 15$ a month... for a FPS game. Not to mention is extremely laggy.

I only play CS:S now.
Warsow and...Quake. The first one. Yes, it's that awesome. Still.
I haven't played all that many FPS games, but I did finish Doom 3, which was really dark! Played quite a bit of Call of Duty on PS2, but joysticks own me in FPS. Been playing Ghost Recon recently, it's pretty fun as it's a bit more tactical. Also House of the Dead 4 at arcades is pretty fun, although I'm not sure if that counts as FPS. I think I liked Serious Sam 2, but that was quite a while ago.
Orange Box rocks. I'm a huge Valve fan. So thats pretty much the only people I get my FPS games from. If you want to play a Valve game with me just send me a message over steam (my name is the same as the name in this forum) or pm me your steam name. :D
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Valve's games, all the way.

Portal was indeed a great game, and got some gaming magazine(I don't remember the name)
to award it the "Most Memorable Villan of the year".
Who got it? That voice. Known in-game as GLADD, known to them as "The Voice".
Why? Well, in it's own words...

It's a mystery I'll solve later.
'cause you'll be dead.
Best of all, my little laptop(with an Ati Radeon 200 Xpress onboard graphics) was actually
able to play any game in the orange box with minor difficulty, excluding the weird
blue screen and restart that happens so often.

That little thing's as tough as nails, I tell ya.
DOOM, COD, BF 8-)8-)
Red Moon
I like CSGO and Insurgency, don't really play them a lot anymore. I just stick my Mount & Blade: Warband and osu! :roll:
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