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Would be nice if there was a version info file for each beatmap. This could be checked instead of individual beatmap files by client. The version info file would keep track of difficulties uploaded (and unsubmitted if this system would be an overhaul of the current each difficulty alone tracking).
-keeps track of uploaded beatmaps for a mapset
-keeps track of owned beatmaps for a mapset
would be rly nice:
-keeps track of mp3 files
-keeps track of all other files included

Then keep track of all the version info files for beatmap-sets somewhere. (ranked maps, graveyard maps, that have been ranked/graved for a certain period could be marked FINAL, needing some override [preferably separate for rank/grave, graved ones are updated more often] to check their version to reduce load when checking)
-keeps track of latest version/info files for beatmapsets
-keeps track of owned beatmap sets being up to date

This is just a suggestion, being able to update out of date (new diff names, new diffs, new anything that isn't a remap of a diff name you own) mapsets without redl would be really nice.
This would be so helpful
Need this feature :( (Bump)
An "Update All" button would be very helpful to me. The main thing that I do in osu! is farm SS ranks. Sometimes, when the leader boards of a map take a long time to load, I don't realize that the map needs an update. Because of that, the score does not submit and I have to get an SS rank on that map again after I have updated it. This is only a mild inconvenience, but it would still be nice if the "Update All' button is added.
Instead of update all, there should be an option for "Update beatmap set" when you right-click on one of the difficulties on the mapset

abraker wrote:

wish this will be implemented

Yauxo wrote:

abraker wrote:

Bumpedy Bump.

This would be really cool to have, as we nowadays have more and more pending sets with more and more difficulties on each one. Spamming "Update Beatmap", waiting 5 seconds and doing that all over for x sets gets kind of annoying.

Fleru wrote:

wish this will be implemented
Years and years has passed but still don't get that button owo
So... where is this button?
coming with lazer(tm) I guess? xD
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