rhetro by rho - a colorful skin inspired by the 2000s [HD/SD] [16:9] [osu! only]

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💫 a colorful, yet focused take on an osu! skin - inspired by the 2000s

✨ preview

disclaimer: a few elements should look a little bit different due to the remake of said elements and/or other fixes, as these previews are taken a while before this forum post was made

📲 download (Google Drive)
current version: v1.2

🤠 editor's note

here it is - my first published original skin, loosely inspired by the colorful MTV-esque TV style of the 2000s (Pimp My Ride, I Love New York, etc.) and a lot of other retro stuff like the old Apple styling, etc.. i had a lot of fun skinning this, i hope you guys can enjoy it 😊

more customizable stuff should be in the respective skin folder (selection-mode.png and menu-background.png)

additional credits (with permission from those people) go to:
  1. Krizto (sounds from his Minimalist skin);
  2. seysant (extra help with everything, including PSDs and using his skin as template, etc.);
  3. oh! my frog
  4. iglooghost - bye bye (applause sound)


reddit post:
looks great! i like the idea
Oh my god this is perfect!
awesome skin, but somehow I can't hear any sound?
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