A way to see local placement in other skins?

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Hello, I just got back into OSU again after a couple years off, so I'm basically new again. I recently downloaded an applied WhiteCat's CK skin and noticed that the placement for my score after I finished a game was gone. I really like this skin, and I understand it is part of the simplistic style of the skin, but it's really convinient for me see where I placed locally without having to scroll and check myself.

Would there be anyway to show it again on this new skin, or a way for me to add it myself?

Here is a link to a google docs that shows the two skins:
Ohh do you mean the "you have achieved #17 on local ranking" thing? You'd have to either use a different ranking-panel.png or manualy edit white cats one.

You'd just have to erase a section where that text displays on the screen, save it as a png, and then reload the skin. until you get it in the right position oof.

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Oh thanks for this! Also are you saying that the score is always there, and that it's just covered by the skin?
Yeah it's always there :) just covered in this case
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