[osu!mania] S3RL - MTC (Nightcore Mix) by Combinatorix

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Should S3RL - MTC (Nightcore Mix) be Loved?

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S3RL - MTC (Nightcore Mix) by Quick Draw
191.85 BPM, 3:55 | 1.05★, 1.79★, 2.52★, 3.53★

Captain's description (by Penguinosity):
MTC is here! This long-standing set has been actively played by the osu!mania community for 7 years now, and is finally making its way into the Loved section.

Back in 2014 when this was uploaded the mania community was still fresh and new, and it's sets like these that players from that era can look on and remember fondly. Combinatorix, aka "Quick Draw", provided numerous maps during this time that gave players of all kinds things that they could practice. For MTC's case, all 4 of the 4K difficulties here provide some very friendly patterns to anybody who is just getting into mania or VSRG in general.

It's because of this sets history, and the significance of sets like these that the Loved team is always happy to bring them here for everybody to enjoy again. Cast your vote to show the love!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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