How long did it take you guys to get used to new playstyles?

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Josh The Biker
Changed from just Mouse to Mouse and Keyboard.
Only took me about a day.
When I transitioned from mouse to tablet, it took like 2 hours of straight playing to get used to it.
Raging Bull
2-3 days. I started off playing hards within first few hours then started on insanes.
Mouse > Tablet: ~7h to get used to it, few weeks tweaking settings and stuff

BRBP wrote:

Lokovodo wrote:

So i ordered a good tablet
You ordered the cheapeast one.
Are you implying that the cheapest wacom tablet isn't good?

Lokovodo wrote:
how long does it normally take to get used to tablet playstyle?
A week, 3 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes. The time is exactly the same for everyone.
Are you implying that he/she wanted an exact number, and not an average based on how long it took for other players to get used to a tablet?

it took me a 2-3 weeks to get used to a tablet.
One or two days.
It's been more than a month since I got my tablet, and I'm still not used to it. Mainly because I'm also switching from playing right-handed to playing left-handed, and although my aiming has somewhat increased, my right hand just can't keep up with streams.
takes me like 5 mins to go from tablet -> mouse + kb to do decently on hard insanes + hr

Lokovodo wrote:

So i ordered a good tablet the other day and it should be coming in the mail sometime soon how long does it normally take to get used to tablet playstyle?
I switched from mouse only to mouse and keyboard which took me about 5 days but ive been told switching to tablet is much harder?

How long did it take you guys to get used to new playstyles?

My Tablet
It only took me a day and a half to get good enough with tablet to compete with my mouse scores after buying one. If you know how to read songs well and stay in rhythm, then going from one to another shouldn't take long at all.
Took me a month
I'm slow :(
like 4 days orz
I got a tablet from a friend a week ago.

Took me only a day to get used to the navigation, but I'm having trouble adapting to keyboard since I was playing pure mouse before =.=

Thanks to the slow left hand I'm now nuked back to the stone age... oh well at least it's fun learning something new
1 Year, because i Suck.

1 Month
Sup A Noob
I switched from mouse to mouse-keyboard single to alternate tapping within my first two months of play. Until now I still suck.

It's been three years.
took me 3 months to beat my mouse scores after switching.
I've seen this topic somewhere...
Anyways, it took me 3 days to play at my mouse/kb level, and 1 month before I got comfortable with it.

Forgot the thread with tablet optimizations but...
1) osu! options-->Input-->"Enable OS TabletPC support" & make mouse sensitivity=1.0x
2) If you're using Windows, disable aero theme if it's on to reduce input lag
3) Download bamboo drivers, and mess around with the tablet area until you're comfortable (absolute tracking and forced proportions help)
Never again can go back to mouse after using tablet. :lol:
took me 1 day of about an hour, then I slept on it, and the next day I was beating my scores after about 3 hours. It also helps if you can put your tablet in a consistent place each time you play. For me it is aligned with my monitor's base and the edge of my desk. Good luck!
it took me about 30 minutes to move from mouse only insanes to tablet+keyboard insanes

if it took anyone any longer than this, they are a baby
Hours, But mastered it months
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