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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 19 พฤษภาคม 2564 at 11:49:33

Artist: Yu-Peng Chen @HOYO-MiX
Title: Let's Go, Crimson Knight!
Source: Genshin Impact
Tags: Moecho -Hex- 真紅の騎士、出発! 原神 米哈游 MiHoYo Klee 可莉 Keli クレー Kuree 클레 Keulle 角色演示 キャラクター実戦紹介 New Character Demo 闪耀的群星 輝く星々 OST Album The Stellar Moments 陈致逸 苑迪萌 Dimeng Yuan 龙之艺四重奏 Art of Dragon Quartet 夏之炜 Zhiwei Xia Video Game Instrumental Orchestra
BPM: 129
Filesize: 4721kb
Play Time: 01:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. Cup (1.54 stars, 136 notes)
  2. Da-Da Da! (4.44 stars, 288 notes)
  3. Hex's Platter (2.94 stars, 202 notes)
  4. Rain (3.67 stars, 238 notes)
  5. Salad (2.06 stars, 144 notes)

Download: Yu-Peng Chen @HOYO-MiX - Let's Go, Crimson Knight!
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Kukkai's Mapset</123/>

Cute BG from

Cup by Me
Salad by Me
Platter by -Hex-
Rain by ME
Da-Da Da! by ME
Hitsound by Me
Storyboard Hitsound by Moecho
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