[STD 1v1] South African osu! Tournament 3 [REGS CLOSED]

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to whoever is reading this! Welcome to the THIRD installment of the South African osu! Tournament - SAOT3. We aim to provide an opportunity for South African osu! players to meet other fantastic players and challenge each other to test your true skills. Most importantly we hope to create a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. If there is anything that you're unsure about AFTER reading the whole forum, feel free to ask in our discord server's general chatroom. Feel free to express your hype by leaving a message below ^^

  1. This is a 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament.
  2. Beatmap scoring is based on Score V2.
  3. The beatmaps for each round will be announced by the mappoolers in advance, 1 week before the actual matches take place. Only these beatmaps will be used during the respective matches.
  4. If the beatmap ends in a draw, the map will be nullified and replayed.
  5. Beatmaps cannot be reused in the same match unless the map was nullified.
  6. Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a beatmap.
  7. Disconnects within 30 seconds after beatmap began can be aborted and/or rematched. This is up to the referee's discretion.
  8. The maximum time a scheduled match can be postponed is 10 minutes (15 minutes if it's a technical issue), after that the opposition would be awarded a default win.
  9. Rescheduling of matches must be done 24 hours prior to the match time and evidence of both players agreeing to the changes must be presented to the host or co-host AND the assigned referee (if there is no assigned referee then host/co-host is enough to be notified).
  10. All players are supposed to keep the match running fluently and without delays. Excessive match delays coming from the player's side can be issued with penalties.
  11. Disrupting the match by foul play, picking inappropriate warmup beatmaps, insulting and provoking other players or referees, delaying the match or other misbehaviour is strictly prohibited.
  12. All players and referees must be treated with respect. Instructions of the referees and tournament Management are to be followed. Decisions labelled as final are not to be objected.
  13. The multiplayer chatrooms are subject to the osu! community rules.
  14. NoFail WILL be used on all maps with no score penalty.
  15. Players must pick at least one mod from the following list when playing FreeMod: HardRock (x1.1), Hidden (x1.06), FlashLight (x1.12), Easy (x0.5) or any possible combination from this list.
  16. When playing the Tiebreaker, mods are optional. Players may go NoMod or any mod listed for FreeMod.
  17. No warm-ups will be played for qualifiers. In bracket stages, 1 warm-up map no longer than 4 minutes per player is permitted. If both player agrees, warm-up can be skipped. Player who joins in the lobby first will get warm-up pick first.
  18. This is a South Africans Only tournament. Players who do not have the South African Flag on their profile must provide evidence that they are South African to attend.
  19. All registered players must join the Discord server and change your nickname to your osu in-game name or else your entry would be nullified. This rule is going to be taken strictly unlike last year.

  1. Matches and Qualifiers would take place over the weekends from Friday to Sunday. Exceptions can be issued if emergencies happen ie. funeral etc.
  2. Players are first sorted into 2 divisions based on their global ranking (taken on the 24th of May), namely, Divison 1 (150K - SA#32) and the Legends Division (Top 31 SA Players).
  3. After the Qualifiers are played, scores would be tallied and players from Div 1 to legends who has the highest scores would each receive a prize of getting promoted to a higher division. In other words, Player from Div 1 will go to Legends Div.
  4. All players would then be seeded and grouped according to their qualifiers results and everyone would proceed to the Round of 32 (yes, you can get eliminated if you perform atrociously).
  5. In the occasions where there are multiple groups, each group will operate independently until the end of the Grand Finals. Thereafter, the finalists will play against each other in a double-elimination BO11 bracket to determine the ultimate winner. In short, the winner's bracket grand finalist needs to be defeated twice.
  6. Since this is a double-elimination tournament, each player would have to have at least 2 losses to get eliminated. Players who have lost a match would carry on playing in the Losers Bracket.
  7. When the Qualifiers are being played. Each map would be played ONCE in the order of NM -> HD -> HR -> DT.
  8. Maxium of 1 minute (60 seconds) break is allowed between each map.
  9. Qualifier Lobbies with different time slots would be provided for players to attend. Players can choose whichever one that suits them best.
  10. A Referee will invite the players into a lobby 5 minutes before the scheduled time. If you receive no invitation, please notify me or a Staff member on the discord.
  11. If your opponent did not show up 10 minutes (15 mins if technical issue) after the scheduled time for a match, a default win would be issued.
  12. If both player did not show up 10 minutes (15 mins if technical issue) after the scheduled time for a match, the player with a higher qualifier seeding will advance. No rematches will be tolerated.
  13. During a match, players would each use the roll command (!roll) to determine the order of the Ban-Pick. The player who got a higher number can choose between either banning first and have the second pick OR picking first and banning second.
  14. Match would proceed with players alternating picks until a winner is determined.
  15. Maximum of 1 minute (60 second) to ban/pick AND to READY up is allowed.
  16. There are no restrictions on the ban/picks. Bans can be placed in the same mod pool, and maps from the same mod pool can be picked after each other.
  17. During a Tie situation, the TieBreaker would be played.
  18. All stages will have their own mappools. Exact amount of maps are all TBA.
  19. Rescheduling of matches must be done 24hrs prior to the match time and evidence of both players agreeing to the changes must be presented to Me or a Staff member.
  20. Last minute reschedules are not permitted UNLESS you have an emergency that you can prove.
  21. If your opponent is not responding, please also contact Me or a Staff member. Your reschedule will then be valid and if your opponent fails to show up, then you win by default.
  22. *NEW* SAOT 3 will use the so-called Tiebreaker System. Each pool will have 3 tiebreakers. If the match ends in a tie, players should DM their TB bans to the referee, and the map that is left after the 2 bans is going to be played.
    First to join lobby would get the first warm-up pick.

Schedules are subject to change. Join our Discord to get the live updates.

May 24th - Registration Close (2 weeks after regs close is because of tournament screening just in case it takes longer than expected)
June 6th - Qualifiers Mappool Showcase
June 12th (Week 1) - Qualifiers (10 maps - 4NM, 2HD, 2HR, 2DT)
June 19th (Week 2) - Round of 32 (17 maps - 5NM, 2HD, 2HR, 3DT, 2FM, 3TB)
June 26th (Week 3) - Round of 16 & Losers Bracket Round of 16 (17 maps - 5NM, 2HD, 2HR, 3DT, 2FM, 3TB)
July 3rd (Week 4) - Quarter-Finals & Losers Bracket Quarter-Finals (17 maps - 5NM, 2HD, 2HR, 3DT, 2FM, 3TB)
July 10th (Week 5) - Semi-Finals & Losers Bracket Semi-Finals (22 maps - 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 3FM, 3TB)
July 17th (Week 6) - Finals & Losers Bracket Finals (22 maps - 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 3FM, 3TB)
July 24st (Week 7) - Grand-Finals + Losers Bracket Grand-Finals (22 maps - 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 3FM, 3TB)

  1. Join the Discord! This is where you will get all the live updates.
  2. Click here to fill out the Registration Form.
  3. Players who have successfully registered will be assigned the "SAOT 3 Participant" role on the Discord. You will not receive your role instantly upon registration as I have to review these by hand. Please give me a day or two ^^

Main sheet | Discord | Registration Form | Twitch | Mappool (TBA) | Challonge (TBA)

1st - A really polished looking profile badge that you can flex with, which can be seen here + 25$
2nd - 15$
3rd - 10$

I'm giving it to you people straight, I'm poor as hell and I know for sure I ain't gonna give away 100 bucks worth of prizes just from my pocket money lmfao (although this does not mean I won't contribute to the prizes at all), so if you are feeling generous and feeling like constructing the hype train, please contact me via discord (Phreel#8274) if you'd like to donate to the prize pool <3[/centre]





[ Frost ]


Symra, -Haruki

Mappool Testers

Grandldude, [ Frost ], Bouf


CallieCube, Symra, lewski



Graphic Designer



im afk, real cute, Phreel, KlawKlaw, smoff, town, Symra, Misa, 40505Al Capone


rock-on, im afk, real cute, Aidown, Husser / Rels, Taevas, Rekunan, StartAndSelect, Keyz, Prade

Anyone who is interested to help out with the tournament please contact me via discord (Phreel#8274). We are currently short in the number of referees and mappers (who'd make custom maps for the tournament).
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