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Hello! This is my entry to the skinship skinning contest. I originally wanted to go for an 80's vibe with this, but after experimenting and trying out lots of stuff I ended up with this shiny sparkly colorful design which I think looks awesome.

Also this my first time doing a non-anime skin and posting in the forums. Overall I'm pretty happy with this skin and I hope you guys can enjoy it!

Video preview

cyperdark ~ for letting me use his sounds and prodiving feedback
komori ~ feedback
skinship discord server ~ big motivation and lots of feedback
inflique ~ feedback slave
tetsui ~ helped with the name
sexy name sexy skin
good job nice skin!
Diosa Miku
nice skin ♥
I seem to have a sweet tooth... or eye? ehehe

This is eye candy: the skin, and it looks awesome.
It looks pretty awesome, fits really well with the retro concept, and gives a difference to how a new kind skin looks like, good job! I'm using it rn lmao
Anyone able to tell me how i get the skin background in the menu? I can't figure it out
love this skin, very Pog

HawkiZ wrote:

Anyone able to tell me how i get the skin background in the menu? I can't figure it out
u must have osu!supporter to have that feature
it all depends on the hit circles for me
Definitely the best out of all the skins for aesthetic, Would love to see what it'd look like if it was also skinned towards other game modes.
nice display pic jinswole looks cute
this skin is so pretty, holy!

my only problem with it is that the menu graphics cover too much of my screen, but that's probably 'cause i'm on a macbook air

keep up the good work!
Men, tu skin es tan buena que me dan ganas de jugar osu!std siendo una ctb player. Esta excelente <'3 simplemente tengo algo con las skins con rosas y con aesthetic etereo. Lo único que he notado es que cuando cambias el modo del juego en el menú, la parte de arriba del menú desaparece. Pero no importa, tienes mi voto 10/10
i like the skin, just the overlay when selection songs and the healtbar is a bit bulky, this doesnt really matter. but the HP bar is a bit distracting while playing.

looks very clean
My problem is that I saw this one first, it caught my eye and now I can't decide my other 2 votes because of how much I like this skin over the others
This skin looks amazing! Especially the colors, I love them all!
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