[All Gamemodes!]〖Prinz Heinrich〗[+Non-weeb +Lite]

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Hi everyone!
Here's a Prinz Heinrich skin for Skinning Contest
Huge thanks to Toki (Azur33) for helping with mania, ctb and taiko gameplays!

Download | Contest ver | Contest ver +Lite
Screenshots (Imgur album)

Video Preview (by Skinship)

Skin contains Extra folder with non-weeb variations of Song selection, healthbar, Main menu background

Hitsounds have been taken from cyperdark's "Whitecat 1.0" skin
cyperdark's profile

Fonts used: Uni Sans, Rotonda, Atiba, Poppins, Avernus URW

Artwork used here
Artist's links: pixiv, Twitter

All Icons/Glyphs are taken from this webpage
(Separated links for every single icon are located in .credits.txt file in skin)
Catch skin looks very nice, but the hyperfruits are SO hard to read that it makes impossible to play. i changed fruit colour but it doesn't help actually. you need to do an another overlay i think
I love how there's a non-weeb version lmao
Nice readability. Always appreciate non-weeb versions for skins. Also glad there is someone from Ukraine participating in contest XD
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