Randome's Mania Modding Queue (+ Metadata Queue) [NM] [4K/5K] [Slots Filled] (CLOSED) - Round 2 -

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Disclaimer: The information below will only apply to my NM Modding Queue. For those interested in getting only a Metadata check, I'm willing to do so without any restrictions if you submit your map in But please, only submit it if you do not wish for a full Mod or if your submission to get a full Mod gets rejected. Thanks!

I believe that first impressions are important, so I'll begin introducing what should be expected to get out of my mods to be able to give you an idea if this the kind of Queue that you, as a mapper, would be willing to join!

First things first, I want to clarify that I've only just recently starting putting my modding skills into practice. Whilst I've been being guided by other modders (Muito obrigado Komirin) and BNs alike (Shoutouts to Davvy, Steven, and Guden), I've only just recently started reviewing and modding maps myself. Despite having been reading, gaining experience thanks to other people, and even gathering my own fair share of experience as a osu!mania player and VSRGs alike for around two years, I still lack foundations in terms of practical modding.

Because of this, I've started accepting requests in order to strive for improvement. This means that my reviews will be as extensive and in depth as they can possibly be. My current goal is to gain as much experience as possible, hence a very important subjective criteria that I'll be looking for and take into account when selecting new maps will be based of "How much can I learn from X Beatmap?".

For those unaware of how intensive my mods tend to be, the best examples I can offer are my contributions to Shakushain, and lastly Next to You.

  1. Extensive Metadata + Source research: If it's on the Internet, nothing can stop me from eventually finding even the most obscure of sources! For those searching only for a Metadata check, please submit your requests in

  2. Thorough reviews: No stone that I might find should be left unturned. As such, I'll go into as much detail as I can, both when explaining changes needed to be made and while reviewing the map itself!

  3. Conceptuality and Musical Expressivity: A map needs to be made out of concepts in order to show its uniqueness. My way of bringing these motifs alive will heavily rely on the different ways we can translate sounds into notes in the most seamless way possible.

  4. No map will be left unresolved. Once I commit into a project, I won't give up till all points brought up end up resolved.

Rules && Guidelines:
With these brief disclaimers out of the way, I'll begin laying out both rules && guidelines for those who have been convinced with the aforementioned introduction!

Rules: I'll have to set some ground rules in order to focus on those maps that would make the most out of my reviews. These are not flexible. However they're not hard to achieve at all, as I want this Queue to be as open as it can possibly be!

Guidelines: Guidelines on the other hand are more subjective. Both of my personal preferences and recommendations will be in here. Those maps that meet the most guidelines will have more chances of being accepted. This doesn't necessarily mean that if X map has met more guidelines than Y, I'll choose X over Y.

  1. All maps requested MUST strive to be ranked.
  2. Every pattern has a meaning to it. Everything layered on it should have an explanation. While I can help improving concepts, it is the job of a mapper to pre-establish said concepts beforehand.
  3. In the case that hitsounds are present in the map and want to be checked, it is prefered (not a must) to have them isolated on a separate difficulty for them to be checked easier.
  4. In the case the mod request is a Beatmapset, all the mappers involved must be willing to let the whole set be reviewed if the host submitted their maps. Please, ask for their consent beforehand!
  5. I'll only take those projects which are 100% Completed. I want to invest myself as intensively as I can into my modding projects.
  6. Generic maps are a nono. They tend to be very homogenous and relatively easy to mod. As such, I want to ask for more innovative and creative patterning solutions as a challenge!
  7. To ensure everyone has a fair chance at getting their maps assessed, only one submission per Round will be allowed. Those who get "Rejected" on my Trello will be able to submit another request next time my Queue reopens. However, those whose maps have already been checked cannot submit another request until the Queue reopens for a second time since their maps got "Accepted".
It should be self explanatory, but for simplicity sake; submissions that meet green guidelines will have more chances of being accepted, whilst red guidelines reduce said chances.

+ Full difficulty spreads.
+ Musical fidelity
+ Music I might take a like in (YouTube Playlist, to have a small reference)
+ Rice maps (Will lay the best suggestions)
+ Hybrid/Slider maps (I will gain the most experience out of these)
- TV Sizes/Short maps.
- Spreads only made out of difficulties below Hard/Insane
- Maps without clear ideas/foundations

I'm an organization freak. I'd prefer things to be all nice, tidy and organized! As such, I'll introduce a format below that will help us both the modder and the mapper to streamline the process. The request should be forwarded in a reply to this post.

Song Title:
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Add the name of the difficulties to check and what do you want the mod to focus in.
Description: In here you can explain EVERYTHING about your map, either why did you choose the song, what concepts have you tried focusing in, what inspired you to make such layering choices,... You do not have to be brief. In fact, I encourage you to be as descriptive as possible, no word limit!
Beatmap Link:
Metadata Proof: In case that the mapper provided Metadata/Tags, sources must be added here for further review. No need to add this if there's none to begin with.
To ease up this process, I'll put this exact same format in the spoiler below so it's as easy as copying and pasting it while making your submission:

[b]Song Title:[/b]
[b]Difficulties + Mod Focus:[/b]
[b]Beatmap Link:[/b]
[b]Metadata Proof:[/b]
Every Round, up to two accepted will have a chance to be selected for a Priority Queue! It really doesn't take much: Those maps who get selected and attach their shittiest best shitposts below will have a chance at being modded first as long as their memes are genuinely interesting. Not stealing anyone's idea here...

If it helps, I've already submitted mine at the very start of the post. Maybe breaking the ice encourages more people to take the extra mile!

Request Status && Process:
To wrap this up, I'll quickly explain how I will organize myself so everyone knows the status of their submissions. First and foremost, after submitting your map below, in a span of 24 Hours AT MOST, I'll move your request to my Trello. In there, I will organize all submissions and update my progress on "Accepted" maps in "Work in Progress".

Every map will have a reason (or reasons) to be accepted or rejected. Please, if anyone wants to engage in a discussion or know why their maps were not accepted (or why they were accepted and they didn't expect it), please contact me through Discord:


I am literally active every day, so any inquiry won't take much to be checked.

For those who have willingly gone through this all, thank you, even if I couldn't convince you. My main goal is to end up helping as many people as much as I can. So if anyone thinks I'm not qualified enough to check their maps yet, my goal will try to be to reach to that point. Slowly but surely.
Hello! :)

Artist: Kobaryo
Song Title: Endless Adventure
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Extra (and The Sky if you'd like to)
Description: tried to incorporate many different styles. mostly stream based i'd say, but there are some LN and jack sections as well.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1342855#mania/2856905
Metadata Proof:

Hi there
NM please

Artist: LSD
Song Title: KatHarSis
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Syndrome, Insane
Description: This is my favorite breakcore. In high diff, basically small noise sounds are single SN, and hit sounds are set for conspicuous sounds such as drums, and they are mapped as chords. And I also pick up a lot of piano sounds. The song itself is quite cluttered, but I tried not to increase the number of jacks as much as possible, and tried to make the pattern easy to play.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1316696#mania/2728212
Metadata Proof:
-Official website of the game "いりす症候群!"
-About the BGM "着信ゼロ" that was the basis of this song

However, I'm not very confident in hitsound, so I'd appreciate it if you could check that as well.
Thanks in advance!
Hello! Looking for NM.

Artist: Roselia
Song Title: FIRE BIRD
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Eternal Ambition
Description: I chose this map to map because I like both the song in general and the genre. I am not completely new in beatmapping but I still consider myself a beginner. The map contains both LN parts and streaming parts. The hitsounds haven't been made yet, since I want to improve the quality of the patterns first. The map wasn't made to be easy to play, so the pattern may seem a bit unique.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1408926#mania/2905192
Metadata Proof:
Song's Wikipedia
Artist: Chimame-Tai
Song Title: Nakayoshi! Maru! Nakayoshi! (Kirara Magic Bootleg Remix)
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Normal and Insane
Description: Top diff contains some LN that follow the vocal or synth with some jack oriented which is kinda tricky for 3.2* (maybe this is hybrid stuff, idk). I choose this song because for my bootleg series (and also because of remix). Hope you like my map!
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1377568#mania/2847010
Metadata Proof: and

Artist: Coconatsu Produced by A than_Lily
Song Title: Coconatsu wa yume no katachi
Difficulties + Mod Focus: GRAVITY, EXHAUST
Description: Drum sound and striking vocals were mainly mapped. Since the map was uploaded before, there is no separate hitsounds diff. Sorry.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/420266
Metadata Proof:

hello nm please

Artist: Project B-
Song Title: M.D.Injection
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Extreme and insane
Description: my first map! already hitsounded but still lack of mods
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1396954#mania/2883001
Metadata Proof:

thanks in advance!
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I will be accepting Three More Submissions, leaving a grand total of 8 Slots, currently 5 of them being filled.

For those already accepted, your maps will be revised in due time. I'll check them from top to bottom in the "Accepted" section in my Trello.

With my current availability, I should be able to pull out between 2 and 4 per week (Depending on how much time every map takes).

To sum it up: Only 3 Slots more are open! (Note that a slot is considered filled if a map gets Accepted. Rejected maps will not clutter potential slots)
Noch Einen
Artist: Hatsuki Yura
Song Title: Black Princess
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Hard & Insane
Description: a progressive difficulty on insane diff with surprisingly getting harder from 2nd chorus beyond
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1328954
Metadata Proof: for now its just this

Thank you for reading and looking on the map
Artist: Roughsketch
Song Title: 777
Difficulties + Mod Focus: All diff and focus on kiai part please;)
Description: This beatmap focused on stream with 777bpm.
Beatmap Link:
Metadata Proof: ('ㅅ')

Thanks for your help!!
Artist: Oh, Be Clever
Song Title: Next To You (Elephante Remix)
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Heartache, focus preferably being on checking the map for consistency as well as for checks of awkward patterning that happen in one spot or two that may have been missed by other modders, but feel free to go as in depth with conceptual analysis as you'd like. Since the hitsounds are not provided in a separate difficulty, feel free to not check them.
Description: Mapped to a song that has held very deep meaning to me for years, this map attempts to use LN releases and density to express the intensity of the song. The LN mapping mainly follows the vocals but I attempt to strike a melodically pleasing balance of what I'm representing at all times. I attempt to use different concepts in the verses, choruses, and other sections to make them stand out from each other while contrasting their intensity and melodic value. If you would like any further details about specific concepts or have any other questions, feel free to message my discord (oleka#1227) or message me through osu!
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1343689#mania/2783051
Metadata Proof: YouTube link to song:
Title and Tags taken from beatmapsets/574216#fruits/1216211

Thank you! guden says hi
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Closing the Queue here, as no new submissions were made after a cautious period of 5 Days. Round 2 will be reinstated in the same post, so stay tuned! For those accepted, daily updates will be made in:
Topic Starter
After checking on the last Pending maps I had, finished with the accepted ones and rejected those who were still pending, the Queue is open once again!

Round 2 has a couple new things to it however!

- I will be incredibly critical when accepting a map. As I develop and hone my modding skills, there's more specific stuff that I want to check. Because of this, Guidelines are more important than ever, specially when it comes to how generic a map might be.

- Currently going out of my comfort zone to accept 5K Maps! I've only recently been gaining track on keymodes between 5K and 7K to increase the potential number of requests. For Round 2, I'll start with 5K.

- I've started a Permanent Metadata Modding Queue! I won't get into detail here as it's explained in the form itself, so for those interested, please check out Updates will be posted on my same Trello Board (

- Potentially rejectable maps won't be occupying the "Accepted" status anymore to not occupy potential slots. Because of that, updates will be posted even more frequently on my Trello. Those accepted will 100% be checked therefore.

Anyways, good luck to everyone with their submissions. I'm incredibly sorry in advance not every request will be accepted, but I still encourage you to find someone willing to check it!
Hii >_<

Artist: Satomoka (cover by Sumihane)
Song Title: Lukewarm
Difficulties: All of the four diffs
Description: I tried to do many different difficulties but especially in the lower or higher ones it wasn't easy for me because I mainly play 4 start maps. I tried to keep some leitmotifs across all diffs (like 3 circles with 1/8 distance) but also introduce new concepts to every diff.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1464154#osu/3007382

Thank you for your time!!!
Song Title: The Other Self (TV Size)
Link: beatmapsets/1441825#osu/2970664

ty :)
Artist: MisoilePunch♪
Song Title:ΛΛemoria
Difficulties + Mod Focus:any u like
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1360267#mania/2814891
Metadata Proof:
hewo o/

Artist: Lime
Song Title: 8bit Voyager
Difficulties + Mod Focus: any diff, all prio except easy diff
Description: chiptune on 5k set n each diff have vary mapping style
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1408692#mania/2904500
Metadata Proof:

Hello, i appreciate very much to your effort organizing this queue. Since i don't see any M4M here, though sometimes i prefer doing M4M because people always make them priority, i will put my request and shittiest meme here. And forgive me if this is not 5K maps and short song. But i can convince you that you can gain much experience because i put many hybrids and LNs here. For Hitsound diffs, i can give you later if you accept this. Thank you so much.

Artist: Massive New Krew
Song Title: Dharma
Difficulties + Mod Focus: N H I I + Mod Focus at I I
Description: This little guy has minijacks and shield intensifies in Insane diffs. While N and H tend to be more enjoyable pattern.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1459967#mania/3003060
Metadata Proof:

Don't forget to stay hydrated.
Song Title: Monoqlo City (TV Size)
Difficulties + Mod Focus: I don't mind which difficulties you mod, but I would prefer if you focused your mods towards the structure and PR of Normal and the top diff.
Description: Spring TV Size set that focuses on PR on each difficulty, and minijack & unique LN structures on the top diff.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1426980
Metadata Proof:

Hello o/

Artist: Kobaryo
Song Title: Glitched Character
Difficulties + Mod Focus: Any but need focus on Umo's Extra and Overload
Description: It's a 170 BPM of any subgenres of hardcore and 230 BPM speedcore. All the diff's patterns are generic (except Extra is hybrid, that's why I need focus mod on Extra diff), but the top diff has SV, dense jumpstream, jumptrill and chordjacks. I hope you will like it.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1436983
Metadata Proof: /

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