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  • New to the Mapping Discussion forum? Please have a read at the rules before you make any posts.
  1. Do NOT request beatmaps!
    Creating beatmaps takes a lot of time and effort, asking other users to make beatmaps for you defeats the purpose of mapping as a whole. You could either discover the joy of mapping yourself or ask your dearest friends to map for you.

    Any posts containing beatmap requests will be locked and removed.
  2. Do NOT Necropost!
    The osu! forum contains content from 10+ years ago and most of the time the discussion on such posts are no longer valid or relevent. Do not bump old threads that has been dead for some time. Make a new post instead if you want to talk about topics that are relevant today.
  3. Use the correct forum for beatmap-related posts.

    Mapping Discussion - Anything-goes discussion about beatmapping, the editor etc.
    Modding Queues - Help other mappers or find someone to help mod your beatmap.
    Beatmap Projects - Announce, discuss and participate in beatmapping projects.

    Additionally, posts such as or similar to "Suggest me good 4* maps to play" are NOT Mapping-related and belongs to Gameplay & Rankings instead.

    Request for testplay (beatmap ads) are also NOT allowed on any forum. You can go to #mapping, #taiko, #ctb, #mania, or #multiplayer channel to promote your beatmaps. You can also ask your close friend, or contact any experienced mapper directly via DM to testplay your beatmap.

    Anything irrelevant will be locked and removed.
  4. Where to get technical help.

    Common Issues:
    1. "This Beatmap you're trying to submit isn't yours!"
    2. Beatmap Exceeds the upload limit.
    Create a new topic thread in the Help subforums to seek further help.
    Feel free to notify me if there are anymore Common issues to put up.
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