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Welcome to my Modding Queue

Since school is back I'm reasonably "busy" most of the time and can only mod your maps during week-ends and sometimes normal days. You can post at anytime but I just might not get to it for a little while. I do not mod hitsounds since I suck at them. Also don't expect anything huge from me, I can only suggest and notify you of any problems and things that need to be changed
I can only do so much.

NM Rules
Status: Open
WIP maps are allowed but be sure that at least 1 difficulty is completed
I don't mod Tech or Deathstream maps
Make sure its going for Ranked
Max drain time is 4:59
Max difficulties in a Mapset is 8
No maps above 8* - Ill still map other diff's
No maps Below 3* - " "
Preferable NO Meme songs, unless they're really good

M4M Rules
Status: Closed
Standard Rules applies to M4M
Post and Wait until I respond to your request


Song Title: _______________
Artist: _______________
BPM: _______________
Duration: _______________
Map link:_______________
Request Type: NM or M4M

Song Title: PUNCH LINE! (TV Size)
Artist: Shokotan Daisuki Dempagumi
BPM: 185
Duration: 1:07
Genre: Japanese Pop/Anime
Map link: beatmapsets/1547262#osu/3161994
NM Please.
Hi, check it please, also if you'll like hype it pls
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1387264#osu/2865343
Song Title: Toxin
Artist: Benedixhion
Length: 2:11
Difficulties: there's only one diff, called "zx...C"
Joseph IV
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1354205#osu/2803154
Song Title: Crossover
Artist: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Length: 3:09
Difficulties: 4
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1387190#osu/2865232
Song Title: Yuukyuu no Catharsis
Artist: Ayanami (CV: You Taichi)
Length: 4:10
Difficulties: 2

ty in advance :)
Request Type: NM
Map link: beatmapsets/1386344#osu/2863813
Song Title: Horizons (feat. Veela)
Artist: Feint
Length: 1:52
Diffs: 4

you dnt need to mod everything, i care about insane diff most
thank you!
Request Type: NM
Map Link:
Song Title: Picky Picky
Artist: Weki Meki
Length: 3:33 (drain 3:10)
Which difficulties to Mod: any

Thank you!
My Angel Rushia
Request Type: NM or M4M
Map Link: beatmapsets/1381025
Song Title: ポケモンタワー (Cut Ver.)
Artist: 順一 増田
Length: 1:06
Which difficulties to Mod: All

Ty in advance!
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1384760#osu/2861123
Song Title: Territory Battle
Artist: Tuyu
Length: 2:31
Which difficulties to Mod: Any

Thank you for reading!
Request: NM
Maplink: beatmapsets/1362354#osu/2818757
Song title: Drum and bass of a flower bless
Artist: Ravel Nightstar
Length: 3:54
Diff to mod: Perfect maid's boutique

Hello from NSW
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1332797#osu/2761378
Song Title: Belaya Noch (Sped Up Ver.)
Artist: Chernikovskaya Hata
Length: 2:36
Which difficulties to Mod: Doesn't matter, do what you are most comfortable with
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1394102#osu/2877738
Song Title: Believe In You (TV Size)
Artist: nonoc
Length: 1:25
Diff to mod: top diff (name: I believe.)

ty in advance!
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1376769#osu/2845485
Song Title: Dai ni Wakusei Keikaku ~2nd Planet o.p.~
Artist: Yu_Asahina feat. charmaco
Length: 2:59
Aeds Fuwa
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1372792#osu/2838021
Song Title: Tousou Meisou Mobius Loop
Artist: Aqours
Length: 1:56
Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1276706#osu/2652445
Song Title: Homura
Artist: LiSA
Length: 4:21

Request Type: NM
Map Link: beatmapsets/1394320#osu/2878195
Song Title: Viper
Artist: Viper
Length: 2:35

Topic Starter
Song Title: fuck this town (feat. ericdoa) (Cut Ver.)
Artist: glaive
BPM: 160
Duration: 0:49-1:01
Genre: hyperpop
Map link: beatmapsets/1545797#osu/3159497
Request Type: NM
Song Title: Stuck in the middle (Cut ver.)
BPM: 190
Duration: 1:11
Genre: J-rock
Map link: beatmapsets/1512204#osu/3096368
Request Type: NM
Hey! this is my first proper map and wanting to know what needs to be improved in order for it to be ranked, thanks!!

Song Title: Yomi yori Kariyu Parody Cut Ver.
Artist: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence / Kariyu
BPM: 220
Duration: 2:31
Genre: Metal
Map link:
Request Type: NM
Title: Chikatto Chika Chika - German ver.

Artist: Selphius

BPM: 178

Drain Time: 1:29

Genre: Anime

Link: beatmapsets/1548259#osu/3163812

NM, thanks!
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