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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, 12 December 2007 at 11:44:52 AM

Artist: Nintendo
Title: Here We Go!
BPM: 100.1
Filesize: 1400kb
Play Time: 01:30
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (4.2 stars, 173 notes)
Download: Nintendo - Here We Go!
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
It's been a long time between drinks, so I thought I'd post this one up. It was a whirlwind map of sorts, so if you spot any flaws let me know. This is the famous theme song from Mario, reincarnated in DDR Mario Mix. It's nice and short, I was planning to make it MCXD-style with multiple difficulties. This is still planned to go ahead, depending on your feedback and my motivation!

I've got a couple of other songs from the same game which I'm going to do after this. Was planning another Trilogy but I don't have enough patience to wait a month before releasing this so meh. Feedback and comments greatly appreciated as always.
Congrats; beatmap #420

I found it pretty fun to play at times, and a bit misleading for others. The parts where the notes followed the NES music I was able to rack in straight 300s because of how straightforward the tune was, but some of the other parts, due to the nature of the song, seemed pretty unexpected, as they don't really follow a predictable timing pattern. The quadruple-notes that follow the vocals screwed me up almost every time; maybe they should be spaced a bit farther away?
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The song is meant to switch between instruments, similar to Brandy - Cross Time. So yes, it can be misleading but that's part of the challenge, I guess. If I synced it exclusively to the theme, everyone would hidden SS it :mrgreen:

You're right about those quads though. I'll give 'em a bit more room. Thanks for pointing that out!
I agree with awp, also, I noticed the very last combo was very confusing to me, it could be spaced a bit further, since as it is now, it looks like they're a lot faster than they really are, other than that and the things awp noticed, it looks perfect to me. *stars*
It hard even for me :D
Pretty good map in my book... I followed most of the song easily...I mean who doesn't remember the this song? But my only complaint is the spacing. Either I'm a retard, but the spacing is so misleading. I had to play this map about 10 times to remember the parts with the weird spacing.

Also the 4 notes at 20s and 1:25 get me every time. They're quite close yet a whole beat away. But again, after playing it several times, I remembered to wait for it.
I never ever played the DDR Mario game. So I don't know this music.

It was very strange at some parts but I got the timing of it at the finish.
It would be great to see more difficulties for this one, it's short so the time you will need to make it will be less. =P

Anyways, this one gets my approval.

BTW, this one already had a bubble, but I don't know from who... (All the mods that posted here didn't metion it) that's why I'm not ranking.


*Leaves bubble*
Even though I messed it up the first time I played it, nice beatmap.
And nice choice of song.
Not sure why this one isn't ranked already - just found it on my local list... I'm going to go ahead and rank it :). Although there is no easy difficulty, its quite forgiving and quite a waste not to have this ranked.
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